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What will make a paper airplane fly the farthest?


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if its a basic airplane, adding paper clips to the wings can help so it doesnt just fly in random directions.

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the smallest airplane will fly the farthest

You need to throw it really hard.

The one I find the best is the best paper airplane in the world.

if it weighs less it will fly farther

well it dependskind of paper you use or if you use thick paper or thin paper

Gliders fly the farthest. This is because they have greater wingspan. This means low lift-drag ratio. So they fly the farthest.

try bending the wings of the airplane

Yes, the design of a paper airplane cane help it to fly farther. The more aerodynamic the design, the better the plane will fly.

Usually the person who threw it.

copy paper fly the farthest.

Yes. A wider winspan will make a paper airplane fly farther.

A paper airplane cannot fly without a wing.

Just adding weight will not make a paper airplane fly farther. However, adding weight in exactly the right places can make it fly farther, by improving its balance and stability.

construction paper, lined paper is too light so if you launch it too hard it will not do as well as construction paper launched hard.

yes, by making its design and structure more aerodynamic will make it fly farther.

fold it like crazy then chuck it

To make it fly longer make it with a larger piece of paper and put egg wash over it(scrambled uncooked eggs)

i think the construction paper airplane will fly farther

put the paper clip at the front f the paper helps the airplane to fly!

Bend the back of the wings up like ailerons

about 12 seconds, if the paper airplane can fly it would stay up longer

It affects the mass depending on the shape or the size of the paper airplane.

Yes because if you use heavy paper to make your plane it won't fly well. It is always best to use light paper.

The wing of the paper airplane can make it fly far. For a glider, make a large wingspan and light, evenly balanced weight. Also, the wider the wings are the easier it will be to gain lift and the more narrower the wings are the harder it will be to stay in the air longer.

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