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How are blood and water alike?

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Both blood and water are liquids.

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Why did water and H2S look alike?

Why did water and H2S look alike?

Why is a heart and a pump alike?

Because a heart pumps blood just like a pump would pump water.

How are leaf cells and blood cells alike?

Leaf cells and blood cells are alike because they both are living organisums, that were prodced by a living thing.

How are sugar and salt alike?

They are both soluble in water. They also look alike but they don't taste alike!

How are fish and amphibians alike and different?

AlikeThey can both live in waterDifferent

Is water vapor and steam alike?

Yes, they are alike, although they are not very alike. When water turns into water vapour it disolves into the air, and you cannot see it, but steam is created by heat, and doesn't disolve into the air and you can see it.

How are the heart and lungs alike and different?

the heart pumps blood and the lung is an air sack and it is alike because they are an organ

How water and water vapor alike?

they arent, water vapor has gas in it.

How is a river and a lake alike and different?

They are alike because they are both a body of water, different because lake has more water then a river.

How is tap water and pure water alike?

They both contain water molecules.

How are artiries and veins alike?

They both carry blood in them, but veins take blood to the heart, artiries take blood from the heart, usually!

How are sharks and crabs alike and different?

sharks and crabs are alike because they both like water.

How are hailstorms and floods alike?

Hail is made out of water, and floods are water!

How are gullies and streams alike?

Both have to do with water

How are lakes and streams alike?

They both have water in them.

What has a higher percentage blood or water in the body?

Water As blood is made from water and blood cells.

How are aquifers and aqueducts alike?

They are only alike in that both refer to water:An aqueduct is a passageway for water to flow from one area, usually a water supply site, to another area where the water is used.An aquifer is a natural underground supply of water.

How are ice water and water vapor alike?

they all share the smae elements

How are liquid water and water vapor alike?

The chemical formula is the same - H2O.

How are fish and salamanders alike?

Well they both lay eggs and have cold blood.

How are red and white blood cells alike?

they both travel in viens and arteries

Can twins have different blood groups?

Yup. My twin is an A and I am a B (done by the military, twice to double-check). We look and talk alike. Sound alike.

How are a lake and a pond alike?

they are both bodies of water

How are tsunamis and tidal waves alike?

they all have to do with water.

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