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Calories are determined by a device called a calorimeter.

a calorie is the amount of energy (heat) released from a food. so that is exactly what a calorimeter does, measures the amount of heat food has given off. A piece of food is massed, ignitted and set inside the calorimeter. a tray of water sits above the ignited food. when the food is burned out, experts analyze the temperature of the water - thus how calories are determined.

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What statement is not true the nutrition fact panel on packaged food tells you?

Calories, or the number of calories you are eating

The Nutrition Facts panel on packaged food tells you?

The serving size and how much calories per serving.

How many calories in a packaged biscuit?

It depends on the type of biscuit. Packaged biscuits usually have the number of calories listed on the back of the packaging.

What is the Max weight gain from 1 pound of food?

The weight gain from food is not determined by the weight of the food, but by the number of calories in food. 3500 calories of food are equal to about one pound of weight (of the person, not the food).

What is packaged food?

Basically packaged food is food that can be shipped somewhere. And the reason that they are packaged is because so they can be safe and keep out germs.

What is a sentence for packaged?

Your order has been packaged.I packaged the customer's food.

How is the measurement of calories in food determined?

Food is burned to see how much energy is given off. The food is places in a sealed container and burned to measure the rise in water temperature. The amount of energy given off is the amount of calories in the food.

How is space food packaged?

Space food is most packaged in cans and tins. This makes their disposal easy and convenient.

Is noodle a junk food?

According to American researchers, noodles can be junk food when they are fried in oil or packaged. Fried noodles or Instant Noodles are said to have more calories and produce less nutrition.

How is the energy value of foods determined?

It is determined by the number of calories. 1000 Calories equals one kilocalorie and a daily in take is 2, 500 Calories.

Are the lists of calories in food always accurate?

For packaged foods, the calorie count is not always accurate. The FDA allows package labels to be off by as much as 20%.

Where can I find more information on packaged food diets?

If you are looking for more information on packaged food diets, the best place to find more information on packaged food diets is on

Where can I buy pre-packaged food that is green?

You can buy pre-packaged and pre-frozen green food at your market.

What are the pro and cons of packaged food?

The pros are that it is easy to make and save you a lot a lot of time in the kitchen. The cons are that it may be high in fat, calories, sodium, etc.

Does the total amount of calories taken in from one serving of food include how many grams of sugar there are?

Yes, it does. The total amount of calories must include all sources of calories in order to be accurate. Calories come from Fats, Carbohydrates, and Sugars. (Calories also come from alcohol, but that is usually irrelevant because most packaged foods do not contain alcohol.)

What can calories do?

calories are energy. food contains calories, so when you eat food, the calories within the food power your body.

How is packaged food different to fresh food?

pakaged food has packaging and fresh does not

How many calories in one cup cabbage?

There are 13 calories in a cup of raw shredded cabbage. This is per packaged coleslaw mix.

Why are chemists who specialize in packaging food important?

Do you eat packaged food? If so, don't you think it's important that it is packaged correctly? That is what chemists who specialize in packaging food ensure.

Why is food packaged?

I think it's to preserve it.

How is food packaged and exported?

by cargo ships

How many calories are in one food calorie?

I food Calories = 1000 calories

What food did the explorers bring on their expedition?

Survival food and easy to prepare packaged food.

How was food packaged in World War 2?

Food was packaged in cans and freeze dried bags. The military also used rationing to help drive up availability of food for the military.

Are food calories reported for the dry weight or for the whole food including the water weight?

Water weight has NOTHING AT ALL to do with the calories in food. Calories reported are the calories in the FOOD. Water HAS NO CALORIES. Get your head on man.

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