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X-Rays are a type of electromagnetic waves. and they play an important role in dentistry and orthopedic investigation. Many individuals undergo an X-ray to allow medical professionals to gain a better idea of what is going on inside someone so appropriate treatment can be prescribed and provided.

We also see gamma radiation, a higher energy form of electromagnetic radiation, used in treating some types of cancer. When we hear that someone has undergone "radiation therapy" in an attempt to stop or control cancer, the gamma ray source is often what is being referred to. Other types of radiation can be used, but gamma ray treatments are still common.

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Q: How are electromagnetic waves used in dentistry and medicine?
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Electromagnetic waves are used.

What waves that are used in radar?

Electromagnetic waves.

What forms of electromagnetic waves is used in cancer treatment?

electromagnetic waves are considered as?

How are em waves used in dentistry?

EM waves stands for Electromagnetic Waves. The EM waves used in dentistry are usually X-Rays. These electromagnetic waves go through your skin and other body tissue (don't worry it's not very harmful or bad for you). And reflect off your bones. Think of it as a camera, the X-Ray machine sends out a flash, then takes the picture. This 'picture' shows where your bones are and whats happening to them, like, are they coming out as an adult tooth? or will you need braces in a few years. That sort of thing.

What are some ways electromagnetic waves are used?

electromagnetic waves are waves that do not require a medium to move. these waves can be microwave waves, ultraviolet rays, and also light waves. we can see colors because of electromagnetic waves.

Which electromagnetic waves are used for communication in space?

radio waves

Waves used in radar?

electromagnetic waves radio waves usually microwaves

What kind of radiation is used in televisions?

Electromagnetic waves(Radio waves)

What form of electromagnetic waves are used in tv signals?

Radio waves.

What type of waves are often used in the heat lamps?

Electromagnetic Waves. -_-

Which type of electromagnetic waves is used MOSTLY in communication?

Radio waves.

What types of waves are found in electromagnetic spectrum for studying the universe?

The waves are called "electromagnetic waves". All types of EM waves can be used to study the Universe.

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The light produced by a flashlight is electromagnetic radiation.

What are ways to transmit data in space?

Basically, some kind of electromagnetic radiation is used: radio waves, light, etc.Basically, some kind of electromagnetic radiation is used: radio waves, light, etc.Basically, some kind of electromagnetic radiation is used: radio waves, light, etc.Basically, some kind of electromagnetic radiation is used: radio waves, light, etc.

What different types of waves are used for communication?

electromagnetic waves they are basically used by all types only some have different names and are a type of it Like wireless is : Hertzian waves (electromagnetic waves) well the elctormagnetic waves can smd!

What type of rays are used for broadcasting?

Electromagnetic waves

What gas is used in anasthetecs?

N02, laughing gas, nitrous oxide is used as an anesthetic in medicine and dentistry.

What are the types of electromagnetic waves often used for communication?

Visible light is a type of electromagnetic wave that is occasionally used for communication. More common examples, however, include radio waves and television waves.

Can electromagnetic waves be used to move physical objects?


Type of electromagnetic energy that travels in transverse waves?

how its used

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Radio 'waves'.

What are the common name of electromagnetic waves?

The common name for electromagnetic waves is just that: "electromagnetic waves". There is no other commonly used term. Specific parts of the spectrum have common names, for example light (or visible light), radio waves, x-rays, etc. - but none of this means exactly the same as "electromagnetic waves". Visible light, for instance, is just one type (or frequency range) of electromagnetic waves.

What kind of waves are used in satellite transmission?

Radio waves - in the microwave section of the electromagnetic spectrum.

What type of electromagnetic waves can be used to kill cancer?

gamma waves, they kill most cells

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