How are ferrets and hamsters alike and different?

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They're as different as humans and elephants - in fact, like humans and elephants, the only thing they really have in common is they're both mammals.
Aside from the difference in size, other differences include-

Ferrets are Mustelidae (weasel family), hamsters are Rodentia (rats, mice etc.)

Ferrets are obligate carnivores and can eat only meat, hamsters are omnivores (they eat mostly seeds, nuts and plant matter - which would make a ferret ill, possibly even killing it - but can also eat insects).
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Will a ferret eat a hamster?

Ferrets have been used for centuries in rodent control and extermination and has a natural instinct to hunt and kill mice, rats, rabbits, etc (any rodent).. Ferrets and roden

Are ferrets funner than hamsters?

it would depend on which type of hampster and if u want to have an energenic big bugger or an energenic little bugger. i love both hampsters and ferrets, so its all up to you!

Can a ferret live in a hamster cage?

A ferret needs to have a very large cage. A hamster cage would be too small and is not appropriate for a ferret.

Differences between cat hamster and ferret?

There are many. The hamster is the "most" different, as it's a herbivorous rodent while the cat and the ferret are both non-rodents and carnivores. Cats and ferrets are broadl

Which is better Ferrets or Hamsters?

They're really very different animals and it depends on what sort of pet you're looking for. I would recommend a hamster for most people because ferrets are a lot of work i
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Do ferrets like hamster balls?

Hamster balls should never be used for ferrets, ever! It is terrible for their backs and can cause major issues.
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How do you get a ferret to like a hamster?

If ferrets have something like catnip or other turds (wouldn't let me type S**t) like that put it on the hamster
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Do hamsters get along with ferrets?

NO THE DO NOT! I had a hamster and a ferret once, then I heardsquealing at night. My ferret (Lucky) caught the poor littlehamster. Luckily I save him!