How are frostbites caused?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Frostbite is caused when the body is put under extremely cold conditions, when This happens the body withdraws blood from the less important parts of the body such as the fingers or the nose. This is done to keep the main organs of the body warm so that cardiac arrest can be avoided. The parts of the body from which the blood is taken from rot, and have to be amputated at a later stage. The more blood the main organs need the bigger the part from which the blood is taken from. This means that if put under the right conditions for long enough, a whole leg or arm could be removed.

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Q: How are frostbites caused?
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Can frostbites kill you?

depends how bad it is. (yes it CAN)

Where do frostbites occur?

Frostbite usually effects the body's extremities such as the toes and fingers.

What color does frostbites change into?

Frostbite changes to white, then as the skin dies it changes to black.

How would you care for frostbites?

The best treatment to really do is probably the most obvious thing that comes to mind: warm the person up.

Can you get frostbite from heat?

No, but i think you get swells on your skin that look like pimples just like frostbites. But they are not frostbites. Your pimple will swell until it pops out this white fluid. It will pain/hurt but this are causes from high temperatures exposure. Some examples may include high powered portable heaters in your room. Or maybe when you go to wash your face, you normally splash too much hot water on your face, mostly because of the cold environment which gives you the urge to use too much hot water. Most of this happen frostbite like things, i call them somewhat pimples....they happen mostly on the face, i have many of them. That's because of the hot water and temperature.

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