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How are gemstones made?

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Gemstones are not made, in fact they are raw minerals, crystals that reside in the Earth's crust. We mine these minerals, and then often treat them or heat them, cut and polish them to give them cut, clarity and brilliance.

No actually mate they are not man made they are made of rock colliding together and forming from hundreds of years

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What are gemstones made of?

Gemstones are made of Crystal rocks

Can minerals be made into gemstones?

Yes. In fact, apart from opal, which is a mineraloid, gemstones are minerals.

Can fossil fuels be made into gemstones?


Are gems made from crystals?

Gemstones are made from mineral crystals, yes.

Why is jewelry made out of gemstones?

they are hard and they look atractive

Why do they create gemstones in a lab?

It's a lot cheaper than mining them and synthetic gemstones made in the lab tend to be flawless. Synthetic gemstones are not fake, they are real and are often more beautiful but they are much cheaper to buy. Personally, I only buy synthetic gemstones.

How do you use gemstones in a sentence?

How many gemstones did you find?? Gemstones are beautiful. I love gemstones. There are a few.

Are bicycle parts made from gemstones?

no way only if someone was stupid.hay it is made of metal

How do the prices of natural and created gemstones compare?

Manmade gemstones are generally cheaper than natural gemstones. They are cheaper because they are not as durable as natural gemstones.

Are gemstones a rock or mineral or glass?

Gemstones are a mineral.

Are gemstones and crystals the same?

Crystal and gemstones are different. Gemstones have different chemical compositions like Diamond or Sapphire.

How are natural gemstones created in the laboratory?

Natural gemstones are not created in the laboratory. Gemstones created in the lab are referred to as synthetic.

Where do gemstones form?

Gemstones are formed under the earths crust

What do people use gemstones for?

gemstones are used for jelewery and relaxing

What was Cleopatra VII jewelry made of?

As a wealthy queen, Cleopatra's jewelry would have been made of gold, gemstones and pearls.

Why is garnet opal and topaz considered to be gemstones?

Garnet, opal and topaz are considered to be gemstones because gemstones are known for their beauty, colour, lustre (shininess) and rarity. They are also known for the way light passes through them, and hardness. All three of those gemstones have aspects of these.

Gemstones are translucent or opaque?

Gemstones may be transparent, translucent or opaque. The most valuable gemstones such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds are transparent.

How do you recognize gemstones?

You can tell if they are gemstones, because their tongues are funny colours

Is gemstones part of chemistry?

Gemstones are studied by gemology, a part of mineralogy.

Could all minerals be gemstones?

Not all minerals are gemstones; these are exceptions.

Why can 't all minerals be gemstones?

cause some of them are metals and made from different material

What is difference between synthetic gemstones and genuine gemstones?

Gemstones are crystalline of minerals which can be cut and polish. Synthetic stones are chemically fabricated product, in my view we can not call it synthetic gemstones they are pure synthetic products.

Why are buildings made of sedimentary rocks rather than gemstones?

Price constraints, gemstones even though some of them like diamonds are not that rare they are hard to extract from the ground and it would be hard to find ones large enough to make parts of buildings, howver you could do a cobbled wall with gemstones.

Who cut gemstones?

A lapidary is a person or company whose occupation is faceting gemstones.

Which gemstones are most likely to be formed in an igneous soil?

Gemstones do not form in soils.