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Genes are both the physical and hiden traits that appears on crop such as the colors,sizes,shapes etc.Genetically,crops are been modified based on the aforementioned qualities.Two desirable trait of two local breed will cross and produced a modified breed

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Q: How are genetically modified crop produced?
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Do genetically modified crops effect the blue banded bee?

It really depends what type of genetically modified crop it is

What is the first transgenic crop created bt man?

The first genetically modified crop is tomamto(flavrsavr).

Is the corn used to make Smirnoff genetically modified?

Almost everything that is mass produced uses genetically modified ingredients to save money.

Which of the crop cultivation is banned by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India?

genetically modified brinjal

What crops are GMOs?

Crops that are known to have been genetically modified are corn, soybeans, canola, cotton, papayas, yellow squash. Potatoes and tomatoes have also been genetically modified, but they are not openly being produced commercially for sale to consumers. Golden Rice is a genetically modified crop, and recently a GMO apple has been modified to reduce browning after being cut. Also, a GMO broccoli is being/has been released in the UK.

What are geniticaly modified crops?

Genetically modified crops are crops with plants that have been genetically altered in order to increase the yield of the crop. For example, the plant may have been genetically altered to become bigger or more resistant to bugs.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of genetically modified foods?

One of the disadvantages of the genetically modified foods is that it allows animal products in plants which could raise issues for those with dietary restrictions like the vegans. The advantage of the genetically modified foods is that they can increase the crop yield in a very small acreage.

What is a crop called where the heredity material has been changed artificially to increase their yield?

Genetically Modified Crops.

How Genetically modified organism produced in flow chart? answers will be answered after an update

When was genetically modified food come to markets?

The first GMO crop was soy and it was approved for commercial production in 1996.

What are edible vaccines?

Edible vaccines are vaccines produced in plants genetically modified through bioengineering.

Bt corn is a genetically modified crop that contains a gene from another species Which characteristic does this gene give the plant?

insect resistance