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Speed v=squareroot(Gm/r).

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Q: How are gravity and speed related?
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How does speed and acceleration effect gravity?

Speed or acceleration have no effect on gravity.

What effects the speed of a object?

Speed is relative to the speed of light and gravity. So gravity could effect speed.

Does wave speed increase as gravity increases?

yes,wave speed will increase as gravity increases.

Is gravity an instantaneous force?

No. In Newtonian physics, gravity is treated as an instantaneous force, but in General Relativity, gravity propagates at the speed of light in a vacuum. There's some debate on whether it's actually been experimentally shown that the "speed of gravity" is the same as the speed of light in a vacuum or not. However, there is fairly clear experimental evidence that it does have a speed and is not instantaneous. See the Wikipedia article in "Related Links" for a much longer and more detailed discussion.

How are lift and gravity related?

lift and gravity are related because they are both forces of aerodynamics

How are forces related to gravity?

force is related to gravity by its mass (m) times the acceleration of gravity (g) F =mg

Is gravity related to cheerleading?

Gravity relates to everything

How strong is the gravity?

The gravity is related to the mass of the object.

Does gravity affect the speed light travels?

yes, i think gravity definitely disturb the speed of light , because as gravity disturb the space time so it should effect the speed of light.

Does gravity travel at speed of light?

Gravity wave do, so yes.

Is gravity faster than light?

Gravity is a force. The speed of light is a velocity. You can't compare these two. If we consider a gravity wave, the wave will move at the speed of light. Not faster or slower, but at the same speed.

What affects the speed of a catapult?


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