How are horses and zebras similar?

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Well, they are cousins. They both eat grass, they both have a single toe, or hoof, on each foot. They both live in herds, and they both give birth to 1 foal (live twins are 1 in 50,000 for horse and I'm sure similar for zebras). And they both have manes and tails, although they look different. And zebras can be trained, ridden, and driven just like horses, but they are quite difficult to train.
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Are zebras horses?

Zebras are in the same Genus as horses (Equus) but are differentspecies from horses.

Is a zebra a horse?

NO!! ***Second answer: They ARE closedly related to the domestic horse. will clear this up for you.

Is a horse a zebra?

Well, they are two different breeds, just like a pony is different from a horse, but they are both a part of the equine species, so a zebra is like a horse, but not exactly th

Why is a zebra not a horse?

A Zebra just isn't a Horse.. If They reproduce they cant produce fertile offspring

What are the similarities between zebras and horses?

They have many similarities. They are from the same family and species. they have the same structure of bones and skeletal properties. Their muscels are also similar. Technica
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What are some similarities between zebra and horse?

A zebra is defined as a horse, but the horse that you are referring to is a domesticated horse, a zebra is not domesticated. Also, obviously one has stripes.