How are horses and zebras similar?

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Well, they are cousins. They both eat grass, they both have a single toe, or hoof, on each foot. They both live in herds, and they both give birth to 1 foal (live twins are 1 in 50,000 for horse and I'm sure similar for zebras). And they both have manes and tails, although they look different. And zebras can be trained, ridden, and driven just like horses, but they are quite difficult to train.
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Is a zebra part of the horse family?

Answer Yes, it is. Kingdom : Animalia Phylum : Chordata Class : Mammalia Order : Perissodactyla Family : Equidae Genus : Equus Subgenus : Hippotigris Dolichohippus

What is a zebra mixed with a horse called?

A Zebra / Horse Cross is most commonly refereed to as a Zorse by Equestrians. there is also a Zebra /Donkey cross which is known as a Zonkey. It should be kept in mind that Zebra can never be fully domesticated and can cause serious harm and injuries to those around them and they really should not b ( Full Answer )

Is a zebra a horse?

NO!! ***Second answer: They ARE closedly related to the domestic horse. will clear this up for you.

Why do zebras have stripes and horses do not?

the stripes on the zebra are their urvival strategy. main predator for the zebra are the big cats in Africa like lions. these predators only see in black and white. also zebras are social animals who live in herds. also since they live in Africa where there are open grass lands there are no places t ( Full Answer )

How are horses different from zebras?

Both are members of the family Equus, and share a similar physicalappearance. Their gaits -- walk, trot, canter and gallop -- arealso alike. However, zebras are wild animals that are rarelydomesticated, while horses have been ridden, driven and kept aspets for thousands of years. Zebras have a spect ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between the horse and zebra?

The difference between a horse and a zebra is..... 1. The bone structure 2. Zebras have solid tails unlike horse 3. The temperament is different with a zebra compared to a horse 4. Zebras are, by nature, wild animals like elk and deer, not domesticated. 5. Zebras come in black and white ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a horse and a zebra?

Though there are physical differences (such as size and weight), behavioral differences (social structure of the herd) and genetic differences, they are somewhat related. In captivity donkeys and zebras have mated to produce a zeedonk, which means they share many of the same genes in order to produc ( Full Answer )

What animal is related to horses and zebras?

Horses and zebras are both equines. They are therefore related to asses, donkeys, onagers and mules (sterile hybrid of a horse and donkey). A cross between a male zebra and a female horse is called a zorse. Although an okapi looks a bit like a horse and a bit like a zebra, it is not related to ( Full Answer )

Is a horse a zebra?

Well, they are two different breeds, just like a pony is different from a horse, but they are both a part of the equine species, so a zebra is like a horse, but not exactly the same. Also in the equine species is draft horses, donkeys, and mules.

Are horses and zebras the same species?

No they aren't. There are many differences between zebras and horses, such as the size of their hooves, their manes, and tails.

Who is faster a horse or a zebra?

Well there about the same but most likely a horse. Zebras arent breed for speed or anything like that

What is faster a horse or a zebra?

Depends on the breed, some horse breeds are bred for speed; like the thouroughbred and the Arabian; and could easily outpace a zebra. Others like the Clydesdale or Belgian are bred for strength, not speed and probably could not keep pace with a running zebra.

What is the difference between zebras and horses?

Zebras are black and white. Horses aren't! (: lol that's all I know! :/ . there are black and white horses by the way the difference is that the are a little different species, and they have developed differently.

Will horses attack zebras?

No they do live in the same place, but if they happen to be in the same place with each other they would be curious and maybe mate.

What are the similarities between zebras and horses?

They have many similarities. They are from the same family and species. they have the same structure of bones and skeletal properties. Their muscels are also similar. Technically, zebras are just wild horses that are covered in stripes.

What is alike about zebras and horses?

Just about everything. All species of equid are much the same. Zebras and horses have both evolved to live on grasslands. The differences are purely superficial, although people who work zebras say that they are less intelligent than horses.

Can a zebra be crossed with a horse?

Yes, the result of a zebra stallion and a horse mare mating is called a Zorse. the result of a horse stallion and female zebra mating is called a Hebra there are some pictures on the following website.

Are zebras and horses called zules?

No. A mating between a horse stallion and a zebra mare is called a hebra or horbra. A zebra stallion and horse mare produce a zorse.

What is half horse and half zebra?

a hebra or zorse depending on if the mother is a horse or a zebra or it might be a quagga Quagga's are an extinct species of the zebra family and not a cross breed. Hebra or Zorse are the correct answer

Did zebras come from horses?

They didn't. Horses and zebras are more or less cousins but you can't breed any combination of horses to get a zebra and the other way around.

Is a zebra a combination of a horse?

If by combination you mean derivitive, then no. However, Zebroids are an animal that are a "combination" of a horse and a zebra

Can a zebra outrun a race horse?

No, a race horse can run 40-50mph. a zebra can run up to about 35mph so no a race horse is faster

Can zebras be tamed like a horse?

i believe so. the horses and zebras are distant cousins. but why would u want to tame a zebra? horses are much easier to tame and come in all different varieties. watever ur doing good luck.Yes, but Zebras are spookier and much harder to train than horses, so it is difficult, and often disappointing ( Full Answer )

Why cant zebras and horses breed?

Species can only breed with one of their own species, however there are rare occasions were the species are close enough that they can breed, however the offspring can not reproduce, i.e. a donkey.

Can zebras be kept like horses?

It depends where you live, other here in the UK its way too complicated to own a zebra with all the liscences you have to have. but in America i think you can keep them without much hassle. Zebras are not actually related to horses but they are similar, so yes basically they can be kept like horses ( Full Answer )

Why are zebras like horse?

because they both have legs and eyes and tails and noses and both have babies.

Can horses breed with zebras?

Yes. Such crosses are called "Zorses." The offspring between a horse and zebra are sterile, just like with a horse-donkey hybrid.

Do horses reproduce zebra?

In the wild, horses and zebras do not reproduce with each other. However, people have been cross breeding these two branches of the equine family since the 19th century. Any zebra hybrid is refered to as a zebroid, whether it be with a horse or any other member of the equine family. More specificall ( Full Answer )

How can horses be bred from zebras?

Horses can't be bred from zebras. Zebras have a different chromosome count than horses. Crossing them produces a sterile hybrid just as occurs when breeding horses and donkeys.

Are horses stronger than zebras?

yes. because zebras are always in close herds and together they strong, but alone horses are much much stronger.

Do zebras and elephants have similarities?

They are both mammals, meaning they are both warmblooded and havefur. They are both vertebrates and are obviously not extinct. Icould list the body parts they share like brains and legs, butthere are so many I would rather not. However, they both have 4legs. Also in the early 1600's if you had a bo ( Full Answer )

What do a horse and a zebra make?

Any zebra hybrid is called a 'zebroid', but a horse and a zebra specifically make what is called a 'zorse'.

Can a horse have zebra stripes?

Of course...but that would only be so if the mother or father or some other relative had genetics that made the horse look like that.

What is faster a zebra or horse?

depends on the breed. some horses are breed for speed like the Thoroughbred and the Arabian and could easily out run a zebra. others like the Clydesdale or Belgium are breed for strength not speed and probably could not keep up pace with a running zebra.

Could a horse and a zebra crossbreed?

Yes, there are many examples in Africa where the cross produced a more tractable animal that didn't die of African Horse Sickness. The photos I've seen are of bay horses with black zebra stripes.

Can zebras and horses mate?

Yes. Breeding that occurs between a zebra stallion and horse marecan create a hybrid animal that has stripes and horse likecoloration. The opposite cross rarely produces a live foal (this isalso true of the horse stallion/female donkey cross called ahinny). The successful cross has been used in Afr ( Full Answer )