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about 15 percent of all people are .

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What are non-pathogenic fungi?

nön pathogenic fungi is a grp of fungi which are not harmful to the human body or it is commensal to human body.

What human diseases are caused by imperfect fungi?

human diseases such as ringworm and athletes foot are caused by imperfect fungi.

What human diseases are cause by fungi?

Some diseases caused by fungi are "tinea pedis" and "tinea corporis", but fungi can also cause pneumonia.

What are the disease caused by fungi to plants?

Thrush, Ringworm and Athletes Foot are human diseases caused by fungi.

How do human benefit from fungi give specific sample?

Mushroom are fungi and any people like to eat them.

Compare and contrast fungi and plants?

Fungi grows on human foot,trees and plant. Plants grow from roots.

What are the fungi?

the fungi are also used for the development of antibiotics. and other drugs used to control various human disease .

Why is it difficult to develop a chemical that kills fungi but does not harm humans?

Because, like us, fungi are eukaryote and what harms the fungi cells will also harm human cells.

Why are fungi called opportunistic pathogens?

Fungi tends to prefer temperatures that are below human body temperature, and to be in darker and moister areas than many tissues in the human body. Without a compromised immune system or other debilitation of the human, fungi generally are not able to survive in humans or cause an infection.

What is Microsporium?

microsporium is a terrible fungi that is harmful to human beings

What are negative effects of fungi on human beings?

Fungi can have a negative effect on human by damaging the crops used as a source of food. Another negative effect could be illness or even death.

How is fungi created?

Most fungi have hard outer shells, like arthropods and other insects. Fungi meant for human consumption or treatment of illness is grown in large vats. Fungi is present in mushrooms which are picked from the ground.

How does fungus affect human body?

if you are a dutty person then fungi can affect you

What is one example of a parasitic fungi?

Athlete's foot and jock itch, along with ringworm are 3 related fungi that are parasites on the human body.

What are the 5 biotic factors?

animals, bacteria, plants, human, cells, and fungi

Cells of which type of organism have cell walls?

In plant, human, bacteria, fungi

Do fungi grow on human body?

Some types will grow under the nails.

What are the 4 major groups of human pathogens?

.bacteria .virus .fungi .protoazoa

Describe two symbiotic relationships involving fungi and members of another kingdom?

A symbiotic relationship exists when one species is totally dependent on another species for survival. Fungi is totally dependent on the host, whether it be a tree or a human. Both the tree and the human are supplying the fungi with the necessary environment to survive.

How do mushroom prepare their own food?

They don't, mushrooms are fungi. Fungi feed off whatever they are growing on. e.g. bread, logs or even human flesh

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