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How are humans and other animals affected by rain?


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Well sometimes rain can cause a flood and destroy their homes.


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animals, plants, and humans because of the acid it burns or poisons water or animal.

"Precipitation" means "rain". The rain helps the plants to grow; pools and streams collect water, and animals drink the water. Animals eat the plants, and other animals eat some of the animals. Animal manure acts as fertilizer, which feeds the plants, which feed the animals.

because the rain forest temperature goes up making it to hot for the animals there

Limestone statues and buildings made from calcium carbonate, are highly affected by acid rain. Our food chain is also affected by acid rain. The compound polluts the sea and rivers. Sulphur dioxide is poisonous to fish, and kills them and their eggs, therefore damaging the food chain. It is also harmful to the environment and other animals.

in areas such as the north east of America where there are lots of factories the trees, plants and water will be affected by acid rain in the water fish and other animals that live in water can be affected by the acid rain plants and trees can die from acid rain but the rain isn't acid enough to effect humans though it will over time erode stone and brick in buildings. if you mean where are the places effected by acid rain as i said above north east of America, the Southeastern section of Canada, the Toronto-Hamilton area, Central Europe and Scandanavia example Norway, Finland and Asia example India and china.

The Effects Of Acid Rain On Animals .... All living organisms are interdependent on each other. If a lower life form is killed, other species that depended on it will also be affected. Every animal up the food chain will be affected. Animals and birds, like waterfowl or beavers, which depended on the water for food sources or as a habitat, also begin to die, because of the polution in the water (rivers and seas.) Due to the effects of acid rain, animals which depended on plants for their food also begin to suffer.

Humans effect the tropical rain forest by chopping down trees which are home to animals, and kill animals for food

many other animals live in the tropical rain forest.

stones affected by acid rain

The rainforest has excessive rain, mudslides, bugs with diseases, and animals. I'm hope this helped you.

The loss of home and food is a big player in this current crisis

Monkeys and other primates besides humans live in canopies because they like to hunt from above and they get more rain for water when higher.

Yes, granite is affected by acid rain.

dehydration, no water for plants=no animals=no humans, no rain soon, etc. Hope that helped.

No vitamins can be found in rain water. Although water is essential for humans and animals to survive, it contains no nutrients.

Plants need rain so they can get the energy they need to have photosynthesis. (Photosynthesis is the process of plants making their food.) As you know, some animals eat plants, so those animals need the rain to get their food. Because without rain their would be no plants for them to eat. And there are carnivores who eat other animals that eat plants (herbivores). So without rain, there would be no rain, meaning no animals, which ends up meaning no food for us humans. So basically, without rain their would be no life on Earth. Also, it washes the dirt off of their leaves so that they can breathe (aspirate).

mostly freshwater fish as it contaminates contaminated water for all animals thus poisoning most animals.

Some animals that live in the tropical rain forest are anacondas, jaguar, howler monkeys, and iguanas. Other animals in the tropical rain forest are orangutans, tigers, and bamboo rats.

limestone is affected by acid rain because the bhgdnhfhndhn

Mostly for protection from the elements, such as heat, cold, rain, snow and things like that. Can also be a protection from danger from other humans, or animals. It is also a lot more comfortable than living outdoors.

Of course there are. Some are just because of deforestation by humans, and weeds (the invasive species) occupying that area, ensuring that the rainforest can never come back in that area.

Animals live there, because they need the sort of habitat that is in the rain forests. They are more species of animals in the rain forest, than in any other place in the entire world.

Peacocks Male Lions Humans :D Certain rain forest birds

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