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by numbers on the left side of the screen

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Q: How are individual rows identified on a worksheet?
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How are rows identified in a worksheet?

They appear Horizontally in a worksheet

What appears horizontally in a worksheet and is identified by numbers on the left side of the worksheet window?


How are rows and columns in a worksheet identified?

Rows are horizontal and numbered; columns are vertical and lettered.

Individual columns on a worksheet are identified by a letter?

Yes they are identified using letters.

How are individual columns identified on a worksheet?

by letters across the top of the screen

How do you identify individual columns and individual rows on a worksheet?

Columns are identified by letters. After Z the next one is AA, then AB then AC and so on. After AZ comes BA, then BB, then BC and so on. Rows are identified by numbers. Where a row and column meet you get a cell, which is identified by its column letter and row number. So the cell where Column D and row 14 meet would be cell D14.

How many rows are there in a worksheet?

There are 1,048,576 rows in each Excel 2007 worksheet.

What are the names of the individual rows on a worksheet?

Ah.. I Just learned about this... It's either periods or groups...

How are columns identified in a worksheet?

The columns appear vertically in a worksheet, and are identified by letters at the top of a worksheet window.

How can you determine if rows in an Excel worksheet are hidden?

Row numbers for the hidden rows will be missing on the side of the worksheet.

Rows in a spreadsheet are identified by letter.?

No. Rows are identified by numbers in a spreadsheet. Columns are identified by letters.

How may rows in an Excel Worksheet?

The rows on exel are endless

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