How are microbes named?

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"Microbes" are named in 2 parts. "micro" means small or tiny, and "bes" is just a suffix with no meaning.

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How many microbes are there and how many are named?

Scientests have only named 0.05% of the amount of microbes or microorganisms but there are milloins on you, in the air and soil and water and some are in foods such as cheese, beer, yeast, yoghurt and wine. The ones that have been named are: virus, bacteria, fungi, algae and protozoa.

What is a dish used to grow microbes?

This is called a petri dish named after a German bacteriologist, Julius Petri.

What are four major categories of microbes?

The four major categories of microbes are - Archeae Microbes Bacteria Microbes Fungi Microbes Protists Micorbes

Are microbes bacteria?

All bacteria are microbes, but not all microbes are bacteria. Viruses and fungi are the other two main types of microbes, or microorganisms.

What do microbes do in alchohol and why are they there?

Microbes die in alcohol.

How can microbes be seen?

Microbes can be seen with a microscope.

What types of microbes are used to make yogurt?

The microbes used to make yogurt are, believe it or not MICROBES.

What are the different sorts of microbes?

There are three types of microbes;aerobic,obligate anaerobic microbes and facultative anaerobic microbes.Aerobic microbes are the ones that need oxygen for their survival,facultative anaerobic microbes can do with or without oxygen while obligate anaerobic microbes do not need oxygen for their survival

Where are microbes found?

microbes are found everywhere. microbes are found in the earth, water, air, plants and animals.

Are Rickets Microbes?

No, rickets are not microbes :) :P :O

Why are microbes useful?

Microbes are useful in yogurt and yeast

Who discovered microbes?

Alexander flaming discovered microbes

How do you see microbes?

you see microbes witha microscpe

Where can't microbes live?

microbes can live anywhere!

What microbes are found in kimchi?

Fermentation process microbes.

What kills microbes?

sometimes Bactria can kill microbes

What are microbes and how do they grow?

Microbes need... -nerdites -warmth

What are fastidious microbes?

Microbes with complex nutritional requirements.

What happens to microbes when food is frozen?

the microbes die

What do microbes produce to kill other microbes?

they kill them!

What are Microbes that can live in the presence or absence of oxygen are called?

microbes that live in presence of oxygen are called as aerobic microbes and which live in absence of oxygen are called as unaerobic microbes

Where do microbes live best?

Microbes live best in grass because of cellulose in the grass. But microbes can live anywhere.

What other microbes are used in food production?

food microbes

What microbes have a cell wall?

the microbes bacteria have a cell wall

What environments contain a lot of microbes?

Microbes are ubiquitous on out planet.