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they are alike cause of the solvent and the volume of mass

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All solutions are mixtures and all mixtures are solutions Is this statement True or False?

false all solutions are mixtures but not all mixtures are solutions

Are all solutions mixture's and all mixtures solutions?

Solutions are mixtures but not all mixtures are solutions, take a mixture of salt and sugar.

Are all solutions mixtures?

yes, all solutions are mixtures

Are all mixtures a solutionare all solution a mixturegive examples?

All solutions are mixtures but not all mixtures are solutions. A solution is a mixture of compounds where molecules of one compound are dissolved in another like salt(the solute) in water(the solvent). Other mixtures might not be solutions though, like sand and gravel, because one does not dissolve in the other

Are all mixtures solutions and why?

No mixtures are solvents

Why are not all mixtures solutions?

Solutions are mixtures that are homogeneous, that is, evenly mixed throughout. So, all solutions are mixtures, but not all mixtures are solutions. For example, sand and water could be seen as a mixture, but the parts are not evenly distributed, and so it could not be considered a solution.

Is salt and water mixture and solution?

yes it is a solution, and all solutions are mixtures, but all mixtures are not solutions.

What are some differences in mixtures and solutions?

All solutions are mixtures but not all mixtures are solutions. Milk is a Mixtures of protein, fat, lactose and minerals in the form of colloids. Chocolate drink is a mixtures of suspense solid and milk (colloids) with sugar (solution).

Are all solution mixtures?

Yes, all solutions are by definition mixtures.

Is it true that All solutions are mixtures and all mixtures are solutions?

Yes, it is true, a mixture is a solution - and visa versa.

Are All gaseous mixtures solutions?

solutions dissociate in water

Why aren't mixtures solutions?

Solutions are mixtures, but mixtures are not solutions.It's exactly analogous to "cats are animals, but animals are not cats" ... that is, every cat is an animal, but not every animal is a cat. Cats (and solutions) have specific properties that are not shared by all animals (or mixtures).

Are all mixtures solutions?

No, they can be suspensions too.

Why are all mixtures solutions?

All solutions are mixtures, because they involve mixing anyway. However, all mixtures are not solutions, because according to the definition of solution, the microstructure of the solute (Molecules) must be penetrated and undergo the process called solvolysis. As a result, solution must be homogeneous. Mixtures can be either heterogeneous or homogeneous

Why are all solutions mixtures?

Because solutions contain two or more components.

How are mixtures and solutions the same?

They are not the same at all! :-P

Are all solution mixtures Are all mixtures solutions?

Not all mixtures are solutions and vice versa. A mixture could be spaghetti and bolognese but that isn't a solution because nothing dissolves in to the other thing. A tablet in water is a solution because the tablet dissolves.

Why are all solutions mixtures but not all mixtures are solutions?

because a solution is when somthing is desolved into somthing else and therefore they are mixed or a mixture, but all mixtures are not solutions because for example if i mix salt and sugar it's only a mixture because its not disovled into anything. salt into water would be an example of a solution

Is saline solution mixture?

Yes. All solutions are mixtures.

Is sugar and water combined a mixture or solution?

Yes. Er, no.To be precise, solutions are mixtures (though not all mixtures are solutions). So it's actually both.

Are All mixtures are solutions?

No. A solution is a homogeneous mixture -- in which the components have the same composition throughout, down to the molecular level. Salt water and air are examples of solutions. Many mixtures are not homogenous. Rocks and oil-based salad dressing are examples of mixtures that are not solutions.<br>

Is a mixture a solution?

Not necessarily. A solution is a kind of mixture but not all mixtures are solutions.

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