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Monks always lived in monasteries, which were divided into Abbeys (headed by an abbot) and Priories (smaller places headed by a prior).

Both words come from the Greek word monos, meaning "alone". The earliest Christian monks were solitary hermits living in desert areas of the Middle East; gradually they began to build small communities and live together, but kept the name monastes or monk.

The Cistercian Order in England attempted to preserve this way of life by choosing to build monasteries in remote, secluded and wilderness areas, particularly on the Yorkshire moors. There they could live in a community, but "alone" from the outside world.

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Monks were, and are, men who are devoted to religious life. They live in buildings called monasteries. So monks are people are monasteries are buildings, so in that way they are not alike at all.

In a monastery or abbeyMonks live in monasteries, and nuns live in convents or in monasteries.

Monks and/or nuns live in monasteries.

As far as I know, Monks live in Monasteries.

Monks live in monasteries and dedicate their life to God.

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I believe the answer to be monks

Monasteries and Nunneries.

Franciscans are not monks, they are friars. Monks live in monasteries and usually work in monasteries. Friars work outside their residence and are sometimes assigned as parish priests, teachers and so forth.

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There are still monasteries full of monks in various places in the world. Also there were Monks in the 15th Century!

Benedictines are monks and live in monasteries Franciscans are friars, not monks, and live in a rectory or a convent.

Monks in monasteries meditate for many hours a day.

The monks who lived there and the Catholic Church which received some of the revenues from the monasteries and churches.

Hermits usually live alone and isolated from a community. Monks live in monasteries, usually with other monks.

Monasteries were used by monks and nuns to pray and worship. There was also monasteries that were hospitals - the monks would care for the sick. They would also be inns to let travellers sleep in for the night.

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