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Water conservation ensures that other animals have access to clean water. This makes it possible for such animals to thrive in a given area.

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all most all of them. the fish and whales are in the water so they are affected.

0thers like sea lions, seals, polar bears, walruses, and many many others

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Q: How are other animals affected by water conservation?
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How are animals affected by water pollution?

they will die

How did the land and water affected people?

Land and and water affected people by giving them land to own or in other ways, homes or shelters...water in other ways gave drinking sources to humans and their animals. Plus water provided cooking abilities, hot water to boil, and to bathe.

How do drugs in the water affect the environment?

drugs in the water affects the environment because animals that drink and live in the affected water absorb the drugs. This can affect animals reproduction or cause other negative side affects.

Who is affected by water pollution?

People,animals and plants are affected by air pollution

How animals are affected by water polution?

because when they take in that water it has unnecessary and danger prone water

How are animals and plants affected by percipation in grasslands?

"Precipitation" means "rain". The rain helps the plants to grow; pools and streams collect water, and animals drink the water. Animals eat the plants, and other animals eat some of the animals. Animal manure acts as fertilizer, which feeds the plants, which feed the animals.

Are plants and animals affected by water temperature?

Yes, especially if that is their environment.

How are animals affected by bad water quality?

a cause it kills them this is called POLLUTION

Does rabies make animals thirsty?

The other name for rabies in hydrophobia (fear of water). The affected animal is not afraid of water, it cannot drink due to the late effects of the disease process.

How was the atmosphere affected by Hurricane Katrina?

Dust and Concrete from the houses got into the water during the Hurricane Katrina and affected the animals in the water, but mostly affected the Atmosphere because alot of people were breathing the air.

How many animals were affected by the oil?

i think the oil effects the water animals and mabey some birds by the fumes. mabey all of the animals.

What is conservation of water and draw a pic?

conservation of water means saving water