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Q: How are peat brown coal and black coal different?
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What is the difference between peat and brown coal and black coal?

peat is soft and the others aren't

What do peat brown coal and black coal have in common?

They are all formed from the sedimentation of plant matter.

Soft brown coal made from peat?


What is a soft brown coal made from peat?


Peat is the first stage in the formation of?

Coal formation has 5 stages. The first stage is called Peat which is the brown to black build-up of materials from woody plants.

Which type of coal is used to generate electricity?

Any type of coal can be used for generating electricity. In the Victorian state of Australia they burn black coal. In South Australia they burn brown coal and in some places peat is burnt. When peat is compressed for thousands of years it turns into coal.

Which fossil fuel begins its formation as peat?

Peat and lignite (brown coal) are both beginning stages in the production of coal by natural processes. But coals are not all produced from peat.

Different kinds of coal?


How peat becomes coal?

how peat becomes a coal

What is the texture of peat?

Peat is usually brown to black with visible plant matter and a damp, earthy, crumbly texture.

What do coal coke peat and paraffin have in common?

Coal, Coke, Peat and Paraffin are all fuels.

Peat lignite and anthracite are all forms of?

Peat is decayed vegetation probably thousands of years old but which has not been converted to coal. Lignite is called brown coal, again vegetable matter that has not become true coal. Anthracite is a very pure form of coal much valued for steam engines.