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the prophet dawood(pbuh) was the father of prophet suleiman(obuh)


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Hazrat Dawood (AS) was a Prophet of Almighty Allah.

Prophet Suleiman was a prophet who understood languages of birds and all animals. He had a army of birds, jinn, and men.

Prophet Suleiman (a.s.), or in English, Prophet Soloman (pbuh).

Hazrat Dawood Alaihissalam..

Hazrat Dawood A.S from SuBhAnI Rajput

Prophet Solomon (or Suleiman) and prophet Saleh

Hazrat Dawood (A.S.) (English: David) is one of the prophets in Islam and Allah's prophets; on whom the Holy book "Zaboor" was revealed.He was father of Hazrat Sulaman AS who was the most glorious prophet and Emperor.

Hazrat Dawood (May peace of allah be upon him) was a holy prophet. He was the father of Hazrat Sulaiman (May peace of Allah Almighty be upon him) who enjoyed unique kingship even on Jinns and winds.

How was recused related to the prophet

Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. But before him, many other prophets also came and so Muslims believe in Prophet Jesus, Prophet Dawood, Prophet Abraham and many other totalling 124,000. Islam teaches they were all Muslims.

Dawood Ibrahim's birth name is Dawood Kaskar.

He had seven wives and each wife had 20 children so that makes 140 kids.

what is the miracle of hazrat dawood A.S

Jawad Dawood was born in 1982.

Ismail Dawood was born in 1976.

Abu Dawood died in 889.

Abu Dawood was born in 817.

Allan Dawood is 5' 9".

Dawood Sarkhosh was born in 1971.

Dawood Saad was born in 1986.

Dawood Shah died in 1969.

Dawood Shah was born in 1885.

Shezad Dawood was born in 1974.

Dawood Hosni died in 1937.

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