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under the periodic table of the elements. moron

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Are all kind of spiders classified as arachnids?

Yes, all kinds of spiders are classified as arachnids.

Are spiders friendly?

No spiders are friendly they would be classified as venomous or nonvenomous.

Do spiders have six legs?

No, all spiders have eight legs. This is why they are classified as arachnids.

Are ticks classified as crabs or spiders?

They are 'arachnids'. They are not spiders. Spiders are arachnids too, but spiders belong to a distinct family of arachnids, Aranaea.

Are spiders lobsters?

No, though both are classified as Arthropods.

How are scorpins classified?

I believe they are arachnids,like spiders

Are there spiders that have wings and fly?

if it had wings it would not be classified as a spider

Are tarantula insects?

No. Tarantulas are spiders, and are therefore arachnids. They are not classified as insects.

Are garden spiders arachnids?

Correct, all spiders are classified as arachnids.All spiders are arachnids.Arachnids are joint-legged invertebrate animals with 8 legs, such as:SpidersScorpionsTicksMitesEtc

Why are spiders not classified as insects?

because they have 8 legs and insects have 6 legs

Why arent spiders considered insects?

Because unlike all insects, spiders have 8 legs instead of 6. They also lack antennae and wings and compound eyes.

Is a scorpian a arthopod?

Yes, scorpions are arthropods, classified under Arachnids along with mites, spiders, and others.

What are the differences between spiders and insects?

Spiders have eight legs, but insects don't. Every insect has six legs. If an animal has more than six legs, then it is not classified an insect. Spiders have only two body parts, which insects do not have. All insects have only three body parts: head, thorax and abdomen. Because the spider has differences from an insect, it is classified under arachnids.

What living thing is an arachnid but often mistakenly classified as an insect?

spiders- most people think they are insects but they aren't.

Does a spider sting?

Depends on your definition of a sting. Some species of spiders do indeed inject venom, but not through the abdomen. They usually inject venom through the fangs in their head, which would be classified as a bite rather than a sting. So, no spiders sting, but some spiders bite.

Can a beetle and a spider be classified as arthropods?

Yes. Beetles and spiders are both arthropods. Please see the related link for more details.

Are scorpions are omnivores?

Scorpions are carnivorous arachnids, like spiders. They eat insects and other scorpions and could therefore be classified as insectivores.

What type of animal is a scorpion classified as being?

Scorpions are classified as arthropods within the class of Arachnida which means they are technically spiders. With almost 1800 different species, scorpions inhabit every continent except Antarctica.

Are bedbugs mites?

In the scientific classification, bed bugs are classified as insecta, whereas mites are classified as arachnida. In other words, bed bugs are insects with 6 legs and mites are spiders with 8 legs, therefore, they are not the same.

Which animal do tick belong to?

Ticks are classified as arachnids, just like mites and spiders. They are parasites that attach themselves to other animals to feed on their blood.

What are the most common spiders in Wisconsin?

Jumpimg spiders, wolf spiders, fishing spiders, cobweb spiders, barn spiders, cellar spiders, funnel spider (grass spider), garden spider.

What are the names of the species of spiders?

their are :wolf spiders, tarantula's spiders,fly spiders,bird eating spiders,spider monkeys

What are examples of spiders?

wolf spiders, bolas spiders.

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