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In clumps that are themselves unevenly distributed in space

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What is the the history of carbon?

Carbon is formed in the cores of stars and distributed into space during the death of stars.

How are stars distributed into space?

In clumps that are themselves unevenly distributed in space. -Stars are not uniformly distributed through space. You can see this for yourself to some extent by looking outside at night. If you live where you can see what the night sky really looks like, you would notice that certain areas of the sky have more stars than other areas. On the largest scales, a map of the universe looks a bit like cotton candy. The universe is filled with clusters of galaxies that stream around huge, bubble-like voids.

Are stars distributed unevenly in an irregular galaxy?


Are stars evenly distributed throughout the universe?


What is the origin of of iron?

The stars. Iron is the heaviest element produced in the normal cycle of stellar fusion. Iron thus formed is distributed across areas of space upon the death of some stars. On earth, iron is distributed in large deposits at various locations around the globe. A link is provided to the Wikipedia article on iron.

What does stars and space have to do with science?

"Stars and space" have to do with the science of astronomy and astrophysics.

What is the duration of Space Stars?

The duration of Space Stars is 3600.0 seconds.

Where can the largest stars be found?

Large stars are distributed all over our galaxy, there is no single location for them.

How are galaxies distributed in space?

even clusers

Can you see stars in space?

Yes, you can see stars in space. It is very difficult to take pictures of stars in space but the human eye can see them.

How many stars is ther in space?

There are exactly 2 stars in space, 25 stars if you include the sun.

Are binary stars common in space?

Yes, binary stars are common in space.

When was Space Stars created?

Space Stars was created on 1981-09-12.

Why do space have stars?

We have stars because the main star is the sun and there is other stars in space that are luminous globes of heat.

Why do stars shining it space is dark?

the space has no boundaries so trillions of stars are in the space it gets not enough light that is why the space is dark

What is the space in between stars and planets called?

The space between stars is known as interstellar space, space between planets is known as interplanetary space.

What is the phobia for the fear of stars and celestial space?

Siderophobia is the fear of the stars. So if you assume that the stars are found in outer space then this fear must also apply to SPACE.

Where did oxygen come from?

Oxygen was created by fusion in the cores of stars and distributed through the universe when those stars exploded.

Which branch of science deals with the study of stars?

Astronomy is the study of space and stars are in space, so astronomy deals with the study of stars.

How many stars do you think are in space?

there are more stars in space then every grain of sand on earth

Explain how galaxies are distributed in space?

galaxies are in every direction in space there in clusters and super clusters

What is the space in space called?

It is called "Space" ... a descriptive title suggestive of the vast volumes of nothingness or 'space' so ubiquitously and homogeneously distributed there.

What are stars in space called?

The same as on Earth - Stars

What is the space between the stars called?

interstellar space

Where are stars located in outer space?

stars are located everywhere

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