How are the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide similar or different?



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The causes of the Rwandan genocide and the Jewish holocaust have similarities such as they both are caused by a single race believing to be superior to the other. Nazi's used the Jews as scapegoats and saw their success during Germany's utter poverty. Tutsis were given power over Rwanda and the Hutu's believed they were superior and the larger race and so took revenge on the Tutsis.

Although, there were many differences in the methods used, as the Nazi's used gas chambers and work camps, but the Hutu's used machetes, guns and rape followed by murder. This led to different levels of casualties dying over different time periods.

The amount of victims differ, not only because of the period of time but also of the methods used; there were six million Jews killed compared to eight hundred thousand Tutsi's killed, 20% of the country's total population, in the time of 100 days!

There were also many differences in the public knowledge of events. There was a minor amount in the Jewish holocaust, mostly because the public was completely unaware of what was happening during the World war. Whereas, there was a huge involvement in the Rwandan genocide as most of the Hutu's were beating and killing Tutsis' in random attacks in the streets.

Some of the consequences are very similar such as the scars left, almost every family was affected. Differences of the Jewish holocaust were; many starved, overworked and were killed, whereas consequences of the Rwandan genocide were; the first and second Congo wars and also the Burundi civil war.
There was little international help in both and The both used propaganda to make the killings more acceptable in the country.