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Much the same as houses elsewhere.

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What do Mexicans enjoy doing?

We like to dance. Everyone, including Mexicans, enjoy doing various diffrent things. For example, I like reading manga, but not all Mexicans do.

How many Mexicans live in the US?

there's like 84,000 mexicans in the us

What do Mexicans like?


What do Mexicans smell like?

Like human.

Do Mexicans like cake?

Mexicans don't like cake because they can't afford it. They can only afford 2 cupcakes.

What did ancient babylonians look like?

Like Mexicans

What are structural proteins like?


What did Albert Einstein call Mexicans?

mmm Mexicans? he was not a racist biggot like most Americans

What are Mexicans made up of?

Mexicans are made up of particles of matter just like us

Are Mexicans good landscapers?

People like Victor Bernabe are. So yes, Mexicans are good at landscaping!

Why do Mexicans like British culture so much?

Since when do Mexicans like British Culture? lol Well, I guess it is because when compared to American culture, Mexicans think English culture would be "better".

How are Mexicans treated in the US?

Like RATS!

Did mirabeau b lamar like Mexicans?


Do Mexicans like cats?

Depends on the Mexican.

How do Mexicans potty train their children their children?

Mexicans potty train their children like any other children.

Where does Mexicans get there food from?

Mexicans plant crops and different things like corn ,corn was very popular for planting

Was the Suez canal in south America?

mexicans mexicans mexicans mexicans mexicans stupid

Does Taylor Lautner like Mexicans?

Taylor lautner do you like mexcicans

Does Justin like Mexicans?

yes i do i even like preslie gutierrez

Why do Mexicans like Chinese food?

All types of people like Chinese food. Mexicans tend to like spicy food and different flavors and Chinese food meets that criteria.

What do Mexicans like to be called?

== == Mexicans prefer to be called just that Mexican. However, they do not object to being called Latinos or Hispanic.

Do Mexicans get chickenpox?

People of all nationalities are susceptible to chickenpox. Mexicans get chickenpox, like those from any other country.

What kind of instruments do Mexicans play?

Mexicans are capable of playing any musical instruments. Just like white people.

What do adult Mexicans like to do?

they enjoy scaping the land

Why do Mexicans like crome?

Cause it's shada

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