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How are the Nazi people similar to the goblins?

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Caroline Godsey
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They are not ๐Ÿšซ๐Ÿ‰

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In what ways was Japan's military dictatorship different from or similar to Germany's Nazi dictatorship?

they did not persecute people

What is Killantzaroi?

Goblins and sprites that terrorize the people of Greece

Do goblins kill people?

No. but they could if they want too

How can Goblins hurt people?

They eat people. Which would mean they are gobblin' them up :)

What do goblins hate?

They hate people ,frogs ,light and cats.

Is there such thing as goblins?

No, goblins are fictional creatures.

What is the fear of goblins?

The fear of goblins is Gobliophobia

What rhymes with problems?

goblins, == ==prob-lem/bob em/rod them/goblinsrob himGoblins,

How were concentration camps similar to extermination camps in nazi German?

Both served as prisons for people the Nazis saw as dangerous or inferior

The Nazi Party in Germany was similar to Italy's?

The Nation Fascist Party in Italy, created by Benito Mussolini; was the party most similar to Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party in Germany.

What is the Arabs' image in America?

Similar to Nazi Germanies image of the Jewish people without concentration camps, death squads and hunts

How were concentration camps similar to extermination camps in Nazi Germany?

Answer this question… Both served as prisons for people the Nazis saw as dangerous or inferior.

Can goblins read?

Goblins aren't real and if they were, probably so .

Do goblins have claws?


Where at goblins villagein rune scape where can you get money?

Killing goblins

People keep on saying that on World of Warcraft cataclysm there will be 2 more races What are they?

The two new races in Cataclysm are Goblins and Worgens. Goblins will be for the Horde while Worgen will be for the Alliance.

Did the goblins capture Gandalf?

No, the goblins did not get Gandalf. Bilbo's yell when he discovered the goblins stealing things was enough to prevent him from being captured. Gandalf killed a number of the goblins with a big flash of lightening.

Where are cave goblins at in RuneScape?

Cave goblins are found in the underground part of Lumbridge. You have to follow the markings in the caverns to find the cave goblins.

What is an example of ilk?

For a sentence example: "Goblins and their ilk are mythical creatures that are known for making trouble for humans."What that really means, is that goblins, and other similar unsavoury creatures, are mythical creatures that are known for making trouble for humans.Ilk means similar, like, same type, etc., but usually has a connotation of unpleasantness or ill repute.

What kind of goblins have coins on RuneScape?

TBH all kinds of Goblins Do.

How do you get rig of goblins?

Goblins don't exist so you don't have worry about them.

How big is the Nazi Party?

the nazi party was over 200,000 people there was no such thing as the nazi party (smirk)

Goblins run faster than dwarves. How did the travelers escape the pursuit of the goblins?

Goblins were not expecting it, and dwarfs were more ready for battle.

Are ork and goblin warhammer on the same team?

Yes, they are. Night Goblins are actually sometimes enemies of these factions, Goblins and Orkz are under the faction called green-skins, which is some night goblins and orkz and basic goblins. Also mercenaries can be seen with them such as Giants and trolls seen in Warhammer fantasy. also Night goblins and Goblins have squigs and war spiders.

What do the Goblins call the sword that Thorin carries?

The Goblins nicknamed Orcrist - "Biter" .