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They're both the circulatory system.

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Q: How are the circulatory system and the circulatory system related?
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What is an analogy that is loosely related to the circulatory system?

An analogy that is loosely related to the circulatory system is the vascular system of a plant.

Is the circulatory system related to the skeletal system?

the answer is YES.

What system is the closest related to the excretory system?

the Circulatory system

What is a four letter word that is related to the circulatory system?

The word heart is another four-letter word that is related to your circulatory system.

How are kidneys closely related to the circulatory system?

The circulatory system carries blood to the kidneys to be filtered. It is not possible for the kidneys to work without the circulatory system.

How is circulatory system related to other systems in the body?

its related because it is a body system

What system in a crayfish is most unlike the related human system?

Circulatory system is different. We have a closed circulatory system; they have an open circulatory system where the blood just flows freely everywhere.

Why is circulatory system related with skeletal system?

Although I fear I may be helping you cheat on a test: the circulatory system is related to the skeletal system because most of the bodies blood cells ( which the circulatory system circulates ) are produced by bone marrow ( contain in the skeletal system)

How is respiratory system and digestive system related to the circulatory system?

The respiratory system provides oxygen and the digestive system provides nutrient for the blood in the circulatory system.

What are the diseases related with circulatory system?

hypertension and cardiomyopathy

How the circulatory system related to the respiratory system?

respiratory and circulatory system are related in such a way that the deoxygenated blood from heart is passed to lungs for oxygenation and after this oxygenated blood is pumped back to heart.

How does the human heart relate to the circulatory system?

the heart is related to the circulatory system because the circulatory and the heart sirculate blood through the veins and the whole entire body

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