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They are chosen by people voting every 2 years.

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Q: How are the leader chosen in Haiti?
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How is a socialist leader chosen?

a socialist leader is chosen by the citizens in a democratic election.

How is the leader of the Netherlands Chosen?

the leader of the Netherlands is chosen by voting or the person is in the parliament.

Who was the leader of the revolt in Haiti?

Toussaint Louverture

Who was a leader in Haiti?

Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Who was leader of haiti first?

lelehsia garechamenchelia

How is the leader chosen in Denmark?

How leaders are chosen in denmark

Who is Haiti's leader in 2012?

osama bin laden

Who is Haiti's current leader?

President Michel Martelly.

What is Haiti's leader's name?

Rene Garcia Preval

Who has ta moko?

the leader who the other leader has chosen is the new leader

Who chose Pope Gregory to be the leader of the Apostles?

Peter was chosen as the leader of the Church and apostles. Pope Gregory was chosen to be the pope and leader of the Church.

How is the leader chosen in Serbia?

By elections