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because he was the leader of the battle of Goliad. and because the victory people preferred a leader

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Q: Why was Sam Houston chosen as president?
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When was Sam Houston chosen to become the first President of Texas?

On 5 September 1836.

When did Sam Houston become president?

Sam Houston became president on October 22,1836.

What were Sam Houston's goals as a president?

Sam Houston was not a president of the united states

The first president of the Republic of Texas was?

The first Republic of Texas president was Sam Houston.

When was Sam Houston president of Texas?

Sam Houston was the first president of Texas after it won independence for Mexico.

Who is the president of Sam Houston University?

Dana L. Gibson is the current president of Sam Houston State University.

Was Sam Houston one of the Texas president?

Yes , Sam Houston was both the first and the third President of the Republic of Texas .

Who is Texas' president?

Sam Houston

Was sam Houston president of the US?

No but he was president of the Texas Republic.

First President of Texas?

Sam Houston

Became the president of Texas?

Sam Houston

What did Sam Houston become the president of?

Texas .