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how are time zones related to earths rotation They arent related!111!!11

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How were time zones designed?

because of the earths rotation and revolution.

How does the Earths rotation create the need for time zones?

As the Earth rotates, different locations of the world are either in sunlight or darkness. For this reason, different time zones have been created.

Why are there separate time zones?

This is because of the earths rotation. Sunrise and sunset occur at different times in different places

How are time zones related to the earths movements?

Time zones are related to the earths rotation because the sun hits the earth at different times thus making the sun set and rise and the same time Ex: Chicago and Denver Colorado have different time zones but if the sun sets at 7:00 in Chicago you want it to be at the same time (7:00) in Denver. Even though we know that the sun cant hit the whole world with the same amount of energy at the same time.

Is the time of day due to earths rotation or revolution?

The time of day is due to the earths rotation. Rotation is the number of times the earth revolves around itself.

What does each time zone represent?

There are 24 different time zones. Each time zone represent the hours of the day (because there are 24 hours in a day). This is because of the earths rotation.

What does the rotation of the earth have to do with time zones?

The simple way to think of time zones is that there are 24 evenly spaced zones for the 24 hours of the day, during which the Earth rotates once. It's all about the hours though, not the rotation.

Is mars in a different time zone to earth?

Each planet has its own time zones which are related to the speed of rotation of that planet. The times zones of the planet Mars are of only theoretical interest since no one actually lives there, but they are in any event not related to those of Earth.

Why did it become necessary for the US to use time zones?

It is necessary for the whole world because of the Earths orbit around the Sun and the rotation of the Earth itself. It is nighttime in New York before it is nighttime in California.

What are the effects from Earths rotation?

Earths rotation has been known to have had various effects on the Earth over time due to the velocity of its spinning, it has effected such things as:The shape of the Earth.The depths and currents of the Earths oceans.The Earths climate.And the tectonic forces on Earth.

The is caused by the earths rotation?

Earth's rotation is slowing slightly with time; thus, a day was shorter in the past. This is due to the tidal effects the Moon has on Earth's rotation.

What is all the Time Zones?

Check out the related interactive link to find time zones around the world. http://www.worldtimezone.com/

How does the moon affect the earths rotation?

Its gravity is slowing the Earth's rotation, but the effect is small. Over a long time, though, the effect is significant.

Is the time of year due to earths rotation or revolution?

The time of year is due to earth's revolution around the sun.

Why are different time zones the result of the earth's rotation?

well if ur talking about water zones then 3 witch are twilight zone midnight zone and light zone

If the earths rotation increased would that effect time?

No. Days would be shorter; time itself would hardly be affected.

What causes the earths time zones?

The time zones them self were assigned to avoid train crashes. Before, trains would be running on unestablished times, and when it came to sharing tracks, there were issues not knowing what time trains would be on.

What is the meant by earth rotation?

The earth rotates on its axis once every twenty-four hours. It rotates toward the east, which is why eastern time zones experience sun rise before western time zones.

How are time zones related to earth's rotation?

Earth's surface is divided into 360 degrees of longitude: 180 degrees east west of the Prime Meridian. Since Earth rotates at a steady rate on about 24 hours, its 24 standard time zones are centered the same number of degrees of longitude apart.The number is 15.

Where can you find a map of time zones?

I have placed a link in the related links below.

How are time differences related to the rotation of earth?

every 15 degrees is a different time zone.

What planet has the shortest period of rotation as measured relative to earths time?

Jupiter. It rotates in just under 10 hours (Earth time).

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