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How are water and sound waves alike?


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They are both mechanical waves, which require a medium for their transmission.


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A. Move energy from one place to another.

Sound and water waves differ in one main way in terms of source, although they are very alike. Sound waves are generated by a verifiable sound source, such as vibration.

they differ because waves are sound waves and water waves are waves in the water.

ocean waves have to do with water and sound waves have to do with sound

Both travel in waves but and come out from all directions if the souce other than that nit very much alike as sound waves are vibrations

they are both being reflected,they r both waves,

They are both waves and carry water

i think water and sound waves are... actually just sound waves

It means explain how electromagnetic waves are different than water and sound waves.

Sound waves and water waves are similar in that they are both caused by vibrations and carry energy. They are different in that a sound waves are three dimensional, while water waves are just two dimensional.

they all have to do with water.

water waves, light waves, and sound waves

Water, the denser the substance, the better it is at carrying sound waves.

They are called sound waves. Their name does not change just because they travel in water.

they both have the word waves :p Because they are both waves, they can be refracted, reflected and absorbed by different things they encounter.

Sound Waves: nothing they are silent and cannot be seen to the naked eye Waves of water: it all depends : ))

sound waves are created by things that make sounds like sombody speaking or instruments. water waves are created by wind.

Sound and water waves do not have sharp shadows because they can go round corners.

When sound originate in the water, the sound waves tend to refract down, toward the cooler water.

Two main ways. First water waves are essentially two dimensional, i.e. on the surface of water, and sound waves are three dimensional - they (generally) spread out in all directions from the source of the sound. Second water waves are up and down undulations in the water, and are therefore at right angles to the direction of motion (transverse waves). Sound waves are compressions and rarefactions in the same direction as the direction of motion (longitudinal waves).

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