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How are weather and climate affected by changes in the environment?


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The entirety of the scientific community accepts that CO2 traps heat; this is science established over a century ago, and to do so would deny that a greenhouse effect even exists.

The earth stopped coming out of the last ice age thousands of years ago. Within the last century, however, natural variability cannot explain the warming that has occurred; the radiative forcing of the solar variability is an order of magnitude below what has been observed.


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Climate is affected by the seasons and the weather is affected by the climate. Seasons=Climate=Weather.

it changes by how the weather is outside. Weather is what changes the climate in the sea

You can notice climate change by how crops are affected. You may also notice it by weather conditions and seasonal changes.

Bees have multiple methods of adapting to their environments. They can interpret the weather around them and predict climate changes, and they can alter their nests as the climate changes.

For a peroson, place,thing,and/or animal to adapt to the weather, climate, changes, etc.

some changes include,weather and climate change,pollution,deforestation etc.

a weather map shows the climate changes.

Climate is the general trends of weather and environment for a location.Weather is the kind of weather happening now.

Water cycle helps in seasonal changes. The weather gets affected when it rains.

(how the climate is affected by weather) climate is affected by large bodies of water,moutains,latitude,altitude,winds, and a thing called El Ni'no. (look at google for the words that you don't know) (like latitude)

the weather changes every day and latin america is usely really hot but the climate always changes on what it could be like in the weather

cloudy and the weather changes

Some changes could include, weather and climate change, pollution, deforestation, etc.

"Climatic" comes from the word "climate" or "weather". so it means that by time-to-time, the weather changes.

Weather happens from day to day, often quite different. Climate is weather, but averaged out over years. If the weather changes, and keeps changing in the same way, getting drier, for example, then eventually it changes the way we regard the climate for that region.

Oil spills can effect the ocean and environment because it polutes the ocean and the air which can start to cause global warming, (WEATHER AN CLIMATE CHANGE).

Weather refers to the temporary conditions of the atmosphere such as the temperature, rainfall or wind, and weather changes from time to time. Climate refers to the variety of weather conditions normally experienced on the average and it changes from place to place.

The correct spelling is "climate" (environment, weather).

They can't, as weather changes (or climate changes, actually) are the result of global warming.

Weather is temporary, while the climate you live in doesn't change much. If the climate changes, it will be a gradual change that you will likely not notice.

the troposphere helps it get changes through climate changes. Aurora smith.

Weather changes from day to day, so yesterday's weather could be very different from today's. Climate is the pattern of weather over a number of years. We can't see that climate is changing until we can compare it to what it was like ten years ago. This is why climate changes slowly.

Weather is a short term change to the climate, but not to the greenhouse effect. Climate is a long term change to the weather (but not to the greenhouse effect).

Since moon has no atmosphere there's no climate weather always changes. Technically

No, the climate stays the same but the weather changes with the seasons.

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