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013 - WebMD cuts through the hype to reveal the best kept secrets for healthy hair. ... Pneumonia caused by Mycoplasma pneumoniaeMycoplasma ... from the stomach, or vomit into the lungs (aspiration pneumonia). ... A healthy person's nose and throat often contain bacteria or viruses that cause pneumonia.

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How edema glottis cause cut throat?

This may cause the throat structures to push the epiglottis backward. With continued inflammation and swelling of the epiglottis.

When was Cut-throat Records created?

Cut-throat Records was created in 1978.

How long is a cut throat flume that is 3 feet wide at the throat?

A cut throat flume that is 3 feet wide at the throat comes with a 9-foot length

Is it against the law to threaten to cut your brother in laws throat?

It is against the law to threaten to cut anyone's throat.

What are some bacteria?

Staph aureus - common cause of skin infections. Strep pneumonia - pneumonia, ear and sinus infection E. coli - found in the cut and can be pathogenic with some strain - ex: "Montezuma;'s Revenge"

Why is insulting to call someone a cut throat dog?

Because people think it is rude because it is very cruel to cut a dog's throat.

What are the release dates for Cut Throat City - 2010 SUSPENDED?

Cut Throat City - 2010 SUSPENDED was released on: USA: 2010

I am bulimic and I made myself throw up I felt a cut so I checked with a flashlight and there is a cut in the back of my throat Is this anything serious or will I be ok?

Bulimia is a very serious disorder that can be fatal if not treated. Any cuts on your throat are dangerous and can cause infection. You will need to see your doctor for treatment.

What does the quote Plucked you ope his doublet and offered them his throat to cut mean?

In basic English it means you pulled his jacket open and bared his throat to be cut.

What actors and actresses appeared in A Game of Cut-Throat - 1939?

The cast of A Game of Cut-Throat - 1939 includes: Waldo Wright

What are the release dates for Cut Throat - 2010 II?

Cut Throat - 2010 II was released on: USA: 9 June 2010 (internet)

What song do the hunters sing in lord of the flies?

"Kill the pig. Cut his throat spill his blood." "Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!"

If you vomit up milk will it cut your throat?


How do you win cut throat racquetball?

Get the most points

What to do when ice cut the inside of your throat?

see a doctor

Can you have a throat transplant?

No. Cancerous tissue can be cut out (often completely - sometimes not) and the throat reconstructed but it cannot be transplanted.

What are the common examples of cut throat competition?

An example of cut throat competition is Samsung stealing Apple's design for phones. This particular case went to court and they decided to settle.

What actors and actresses appeared in Cut Throat Lane - 2012?

The cast of Cut Throat Lane - 2012 includes: Emil Jonsson as Ryan Ged Purvis as George

What is the cause of death when you slit your throat?

There are three possible causes of death when the throat is cut. The most likely is exsanguination; if the external jugular vein, and/or internal jugular vein, and/or carotid artery are cut the person will bleed to death. It is also possible, if the throat has also been cut open, to choke to death on the blood. Another possibility is the occurence of an embolism, if air enters either of the jugular veins. ------------------------------ A nurse once told me to breathe in right before someones slits your throat, and you'll have a better chance of living. ------------------------------ I'm guessing that makes your larynx more pronounced so they have to cut deeper to hit the blood vessels.

What was singer Cassie Gaines's cause of death?

PLANE CRASH Officially: died of a cut throat (ear-to-ear) and bled to death in keyboardist Billy Powell's arms

How do i cut someones throat in the game oblivion?

Press x

How soon do you die after throat cut?

u will live forever

How can you get a throat infection?

The way you get a throat infection is caused by unfriendly bacteria. The bacteria Known as a pathogen gets into a place like a cut and can cause inflamation or a secondary infection. You do not have to get a pathogen related one, you can also get strep throat. This is caused by Streptococcal bacteria which creates inflamation burning and sore throat. If you feel any symptoms go to the docter immediately, these can be infectious and dangerous to your health.

What is the negative effect of cut-throat competition in business?

yes it does

Your cat has a cut in his throat what should you do?

Take it to the vet as soon as possible.