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A repo is a repo is a repo, credit wise.

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Q: How badly does a voluntary reposession hurt a co-signer's credit?
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How is your credit affected if you marry someone with bad credit?


How does a repossession affect your credit?

It hurts it very badly.

Does it hurt credit to do debt management?

If you manage your debts well, that will be good for your credit. If you manage them badly, then yes, your credit will suffer.

How badly does voluntary repossession hurt your credit score?

About the same as any repo. The impact is that you couldn't complete the agreement for whatever reason. Same as a repo. A repo is a repo is a repo. That is correct, there is no difference in voluntary and involuntary. Stays on your credit report for 7 years. Don't let it happen to you. It is not that bad fact you can probably get another car just at a higherinterest rate... besides someone has to keep wonk and clay in business.

Does bankruptsy hurt your credit score?

OF Course it does! IF you just got bankrupt it does hurt your credit score really badly!

What does a collection agency do to your credit?

They don't do anything. Failure to pay bills causes credit to be reported badly and your credit score to go down. All a collection agency does is go after you for the money.

What happens if you don't pay your car loan?

The repossess the car, can get a judgment against you and your credit is badly damaged.

Does credit ckecks hurt your credit score when buying a car?

if you get more than one credit check in a given period of time it will reflect badly on your credit. you have the right to take your credit report with you once you authorize someone to pull your credit. then you can take that to another dealer if you are car shopping rather than having a bunch of people pull your credit. good luck!

Does Bank of America give home loans to people with damaged credit?

Bank of America will give home loans to people with damaged credit. It depends on how badly the person's credit is damaged. A person may have to get their credit fixed before receiving a home loan if the damage is too bad.

Which companies will give a bad credit cash advance?

There are nearly no companies that will give a bad credit cash advance. Companies that are able to give this service are monitored by federal groups which prevent them from treating customers badly.

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more badly, most badly

What are the comparative and superlative of badly?

more badly, most badly

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