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Q: How big are female bearded dragon meant to be?
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How big can a bearded dragon get?

Within a year a bearded dragon should be a foot

How big will the bearded dragon get?

a standard bearded dragon will get about 18 inches, a German giant (another kind of bearded dragon) will get about 24 inches

How big does a bearded dragon have to be?

about 22 inches.

How big does a bearded dragon lizard get?

B The average bearded dragon gets up to 30 inches long

How big is the biggest bearded dragon?

527ft tall

Can a bearded dragon's cage be too big?

No bearded dragons need lots of room

How big do bearded dragons get?

Bearded DragonsEastern Bearded Dragons (the most common type of bearded dragon) can grow to 55cm total length. Western Bearded Dragon - 40cm.Nullabor Bearded Dragon - 34cmBlack Soil Bearded Dragon - 25cm.Yeah, those are basically the sizes, but at 2 years, they're already 14 inches!

What to do if your bearded dragon ate a cricket to big?

If it's eaten the cricket - then it WASN'T too big ! The Bearded Dragon would have spat the cricket out if it felt it couldn't swallow it.

What are the sings of a bearded dragon being pregnant?

a big belly

Do bearded dragon eat your brother?

Impossible - since the Bearded Dragon would never get big enough to pose sucha threat to a person !

Where is the bearded dragon on the food chain?

In the middle under big birds

How big does a Pygmy bearded dragon get?

2 meters and 9 centimitars.

How big is the largest bearded dragon in the world?

They have grown to 2 feet

How big will a young bearded dragon grow?

They can get as large as 2 ft

How big is your 3 month old bearded dragon?

1 inch

How big does a bearded dragon need to be to eat a pinky?

If the bearded dragon is an adult it should probably eat large pinkies.But if it is a young bearded dragon it should probably eat small or medium pinkies...Im 13 years old and my science teacher has 2 bearded dragon and i dont know alot about them but they can eat pinkies that are at least as big as his or her head...

Can two female bearded dragons that are the same age live together in the same cage?

If the tank is big enough. (40 gallons per dragon at the minimum)

How big should the vivarium be for your bearded dragon?

40 gallons, nothing tall

Do other small lizards eat bearded dragons?

no, the bearded dragon is too big to be eaten by small lizards such as skinks

How big should a male bearded dragon get?

Well, First of all male bearded dragons are not real buddy.....

How big is a baby bearded dragon?

usually when its first born 4-6 inches

How big is a 2 month old bearded dragon?

Between 3-4 inches

How big is a 3 month old bearded dragon?

Between 4-5 inches

How big do female bearded dragons get?

They usually grow to around 20 inches

Can you feed your bearded dragons worms?

Yes and no... It depends how big the worms are and how big your bearded dragon is. It also depends what kind of worm it is. You'll probably have to research it. Good Luck!!!!!