Breast Enlargement

How big can breast get?

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Type your answer here... well, it depends. If u ever heard about a size i.thats big.but a size kk is bigger. well if u want to see how big they can get, go on YouTube and theres a woman who has the worlds biggest boobs ever and then u can tell how big boobs can get.

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How big do breast buds get?

Breast buds are not very big. I have breast buds and they look like mosquitos bites.

Big lump on left side of breast?

found big big lump on left side of the breast.

How can your breast get big?

If youre trying to make your breast get big its not going to work, but it happens overtime.

Is there a chance of getting breast cancer if you take pill s that will make your breast grow?

You will never get breast cancer if you take pills that will make your breast grow. Here's a tip: If you have big breast, you can have sex with the hottest guys because they love having sex with women with big breast!! Having big breast, you can wear shirts that will make all men see your big breast so you can have sex only if you want to !!

How big are 35D size breast?

big!!!! VERY big.

What is the size of bipasha's breast?

No, she's got breast as big as a ball

Does a girl prefer to have big breast or a big rear?

big breasts

Do women with big breasts get breast cancer?

Your breast size has nothing to do with how easy you get breast cancer. It can be hereditary also. But in big breasts it might be harder to see on the X-ray.

Are big breast good for women?

Some women consider big breast to be sexy or they think that other people think that way and they want to be perceived as sexy. Some women enlarge their breast but in many cases too big breast could cause back pain.

Does Melina Perez have breast implants?

no.some women breast are naturally big.

What can you do to get big breasts'?

Get breast implants

Are breast big?

Some are some are not.

What is Quincy in Japanese?

big breast

Is big breast good?


How do women describe their breast?

Women can describe their breast as big, small, sexy, heavy...

If a baby girl is breast fed when she gets older will she have big breast?

No idea, my friend...

Will your breast size go down as you lose weight?

it depins on how big ur breast are

How do you become a big breast after breast feed?

I don't recommend it - especially with bikini tops.

How big should breast be?

Depends on your growth

Where was the wasp found?

because its breast is big

What should you do to get big breast?

Consult a physician

What is a big breast size?

A d cup

How can make a big breast?

boob job

How big are Wendy Williams breast?