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hmmm.... well mine was about the size of a small tennis ball.

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Do hamsters have big bums?

Male Hamsters tent to have big bums and females dont, its one way of telling gender apart.

Do male hedgehogs have big genitals like hamsters do?


The back half of your hamster has enlarged?

if it is a male it could be its testicles! male hamsters have really big testicles!

Why do male Hamsters fight?

why do male hamsters fight?

Are male or female hamsters nicer and why?

Male hamsters are way better because female hamsters tend to bite more than male hamsters

How do you tell male hamsters from female hamsters?

Female hamsters usually have their genital opening closer to the anus as compared to the male hamsters. Male hamsters usually have a bigger gap in between both.

What are female and male hamsters called?

Male hamsters are bucks, females are does.

Are female hamsters bigger or male hamsters?

It depends. They're mostly the same size, but it depends on the breed. Syrians and Teddy Bears are in the 'big hamster' breeds, and dwarf hamsters are usually smaller.

Do hamsters have to have a baby with a male hamster?

yes hamsters require a male to become pregnant.

Can to male hamsters live together?

yes two male hamsters can live together

Are male Chinese dwarf hamsters better then female?

Male hamsters tend to be less aggressive and protective than female hamsters.

Do hamsters get erections?

Yes, male hamsters occasionally do.

What is smarter a boy or girl hamster?

It depends, really. Some female hamsters are smarter than male hamsters and some male hamsters are smarter than female hamsters.

Do female hamsters have hamsters?

Yes, she will have baby hamsters, but only if she mates with a male hamster.

Can female hamsters hafe babies without male hamsters?


Do hamsters lick there mates scents?


How big are hamsters?

Hamsters can usually get to about the size of a tennis ball.Hamsters come in meny diffent sizes but i had a hamsters almost as big as a small cat

Will a male dwarf hamsters groom another male dwarf hamster?

no 2 male hamsters will fight, I have a Male Hamster and so does my Brother, we put them next to each other and my Hamster jumped on top of his. if you out 2 male or female hamsters together, they will surely fight

Are Syrian hamsters all boys?

No, Syrian Hamsters can be male or female.

Can 2 male russian dwarf hamsters live together?

NO NEVER! Male hamsters are to territorial they will fight for dominance and kill each other. Never put male hamsters together. It just doesn't work.

Are Chinese dwarf hamsters friendly to other hamsters?

Male Chinese dwarf hamsters can be mixed with male Chinese dwarf hamsters. Female Chinese dwarf hamsters are often not friendly to other Chinese dwarf hamsters. DO NOT MIX HAMSTERS OF DIFFERENT BREEDS, it could result in the death of one hamster

Can female hamsters have babies without being with a male hamster?

No, they have to mate with a male hamster. WARNING! Some hamsters can be gay.

Why do male hamsters pee everywhere?

Because male hamsters are territorial. They will often pee or poo when they are scared. LOL REARLY?

Do male dwarf hamsters give birth?

Male hamsters, no matter what type, never give birth. It is biologically impossible.

Can female hamsters have babies without the male?

Hamsters are NOT asexual organisms (eg. chickens). They are mammals. They rely on a male to have babies.

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