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Having sex make no difference to the size of the penis.

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If a woman sucks your penis every night will your penis grow larger?

No it will not. No amount of sexual stimulation or sex in general will enlarge your penis.

Why does your penis get bigger when you have an erection?

Blood enters the chambers in the penis causing it to stretch and grow bigger in readiness for sexual intercourse. The penis needs to be hard and erect to enter the vagina.

Why does your penis grow around girls?

An erection is a response to sexual stimulus -- you find girls sexually attractive.

How long does it take for a man to grow a condom?

When they stop having a small penis, ~<-3.

Can penis exercise make your penis grow?

No it can not make it grow.

I have a 6.5 inches penis I'am 13 year old it is ok?

OK? It should be great! The average adult male penis is almost 6 inches so you already have an above average size. Your penis should continue to grow for a few more years. Penis size does not make anyone normal or abnormal though. If you continue to grow, having a very large penis can affect your sexual partner. Be gentle, patient and ensure proper lubrication, if needed. Enjoy! Want my number? LOL

Whats a natural way to grow your penis?

There is only one way to natural grow your penis. Your penis will grow as your body grows.

How do u make your penis big?

If you are referring to having a small penis because you are young, then just wait until puberty kicks in and it will grow naturally.

What you have to eat to grow your penis?

eat another penis it will then grow on yours

How do you grow a penis naturaly?

If in puberty it will grow naturally anyway, if not get a penis enlarger

Did you mean that there is no food that make penis grow?

There is no food that makes the penis grow.

Which fruit help me to grow your penis?

There is no fruit that can help you to grow my penis. You'll just have to try to grow your own.

How do you effectively enlarge your penis without having bad side effects?

There isn't much you can do to make your penis longer. If you are still a boy it will grow all by itself during puberty.

What happends if your penis doent grow during puberty?

then maybe your penis isn't going to grow

Why doesn't your penis grow during perbuty?

That's one of the only time the penis does grow.

How to make your penis grow?

there is a way on how to make your penis grow. Not only will it grow but also "improve" your penis. It's non medical or surgical. It pure natural. You can check it at mypenisadvantage.com

How can you help your penis grow?

There is nothing you can do to help the penis grow other than eat healthily. The penis is regulated by your genes and will grow to whatever length it should be. OR Look at naked women.

What pills make a penis grow?

There are no pills that will make the penis grow. The penis will grow at the speed, and to the size it is meant to be. The only way to make the penis longer is surgery, but doctors don't usually recommend it except in extreme cases.

The best pills to make my penis grow bigger?

What's the best penis pill to make it grow

Does hair grow on your penis?

Not usually, mostly at the base if the penis and in the pubic area. Sometimes small, short fine hairs grow on the underside of the penis. Nothing on top of the penis though.

How does my penis grow hair?

does the hair grow on the dick?

How large can your penis grow?

As long as it wants to grow to?

How long does it take your penis to grow?

Your penis will start to grow when you hit puberty, If you can Ejaculate Semen, You have begun puberty.

Where does hair grow on your penis or nuts?

Hair will grow around the penis. At first pubic hair will be straight the it will be curly

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