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The moon Triton - a moon of Neptune is the seventh largest moon in the solar system.

It has:

  • Radius: 1,353.5km (841 miles)
  • Diameter: 2,706km (1,682 miles)

This is about a fifth of the Earth and slightly smaller than our own Moon.

See related link for a pictorial size difference.

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Is Neptunes moon Triton as big as earths moon?

no the moon Triton is very big compared to the moon and for more knoledge the neptune planet has got 11 satelites

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How big is Neptune's moon Triton?

Triton is approximately 2700km in diametre (some measurements vary more or less), the 7th largest moon in the solar system.

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Does Triton have ice caps?

No, Triton does not have ice caps. Instead, the entire surface of Triton is ice.

Triton is a moon of this planet.?

Triton is a moon of the planet Neptune. Triton was discovered on October 10, 1846.

Who dicovered Triton?

Henry Russell dicovered Triton

What is Triton made of?

triton is made up of meteorites

What plaNet is Triton on?

Triton is a moon of the planet Jupiter.

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Who are the parents of triton?

Poseidon & Amphrite are the parents of Triton

Is Triton an asteroid?

No. Triton is one of Neptune's moons.

Is Triton marryed?

No wife was named for Triton, but he did have children.

What is the difference between Triton and moon?

The difference between Triton and the moon is Triton is Neptunes moon and our moon is normal!

How do you get back seat down in Mitsubishi Triton?

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How did Triton get its name?

Triton is a dorf planet. It was just discovered.

Triton is the moon of this planet?

Triton is Neptunes largest moon.

How do you defeat triton?

In Egyptian myth Triton is never defeated.

Is triton son of Poseidon?

Yes, Triton is the son of Poseidon.

What is special about Triton?

Triton has a retrograde orbit around Neptune.

When was Triton College created?

Triton College was created in 1964.

When was Mitsubishi Triton created?

Mitsubishi Triton was created in 1978.

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When was Triton Digital created?

Triton Digital was created in 2006.

Which moon is neptunes largest?

It's called Triton.

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