Milky Way Galaxy

How big is a galaxy?

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Our Milky Way has a diameter of 100,000 light-years, and contains somewhere between 200-400 billion stars. Other galaxies can have anywhere from about 10 million stars to about 100 trillion stars; a dwarf galaxy is much smaller than the Milky Way, while the largest galaxies can have a diameter of several hundred thousand light-years.

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How many galaxy in the universe?

The universe is one big galaxy, therefore the answer one galaxy.

Can you give me a sentence with galaxy?

The galaxy was actually,really,big.

Is the big dipper an irregular galaxy?

No. It is not even a galaxy, it is a group of six stars that form the constellation the big dipper.

Will the galaxy s4 cases work on the galaxy s4 minis?

No they are to big

What is big universe or galaxy?

the universe is bigger than the galaxy because our galaxy (the milky way) is in the universe.

At what galaxy are stars?

Every galaxy contains stars, if that's what you mean. "Galaxy" means "big bunch of stars". No stars ===> no galaxy.

What is the origin of galaxy?

This galaxy, along with all the others, was created by the big bang.

Why is earth big?

it's not that big compared to the galaxy it is big to carry us.

How many moons can you fit in the galaxy?

The galaxy is so big that you fit billions and billions of our moon Luna in our galaxy!

Which is the big galaxy?

the milky way

Which is a big galaxy?

the milky way.

What is the size of a elliptical galaxy?

Really big

How did the galaxy start?

the big bang theory

How large can atoms get?

As big as the galaxy and beyond

How big is the whirlpool galaxy?

The Whirlpool Galaxy or M51 has a diameter of approximately 76,000 light years.

Is The Big Dipper in the Milky Way Galaxy?

Yes. All constellations are in the Milky Way Galaxy

How big is the screen of the galaxy s4 active?

The Galaxy S4 Active's screen is 4.55 inches.

Is the milky way a big galaxy?

yes opinion

How big is your galaxy in miles?

4.934789107 X 108348738837581837589

How big is the Samsung Galaxy S screen?


Is the big dipper located in the milkyway galaxy?

No its actually not.

What is a name for a big collection of stars?

The name for a big collection of stars is called a galaxy.

What are all the bosses in super Mario galaxy?

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How big from one side to the other is Andromeda galaxy?

The Andromeda Galaxy is roughly 100,000 light years in diameter.

What is the galaxy of the constellation Big Dog?

All of the stars visible to the naked eye are members of the Milky Way Galaxy.