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Well the romours are that his penis is half an inch big, some describe it as being a prawn look-a-like thing.

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What is considored a big penis?

My penis is considered big at a whopping foot long

Why do you have a big penis?

Penis size is genetic.

Y is the penis so big?

Have you ever thought that maybe just your penis is big?

Can your big penis kill a pregnancy?

There is no case recorded that big penis kill a pregnancy.

How big is a midgets penis?

Penis size varies man to man, and it is proportional to his height.

If a eleven year old penis is ten centimeters is it big?

yes cause the ordinery penis is big anyway yes cause the ordinery penis is big anyway

How far does the penis go in?

Depends on how big your penis is.

Why is the horse's penis size so big?

The horse penis is the size that is is, because it's a big animal, and just imagine if a stallion tried to breed with a mare, and his penis was as big as your finger. It would be hard to thrust his penis in, and it may result in injury to his penis.

Do you have a big penis 8in lg 6 plus in circumference?

No, I dont, That is a pretty big penis

Do mindless behavior boys have big penis?

The size of a penis is not determined by behavior but by DNA.small or big

How big is jaden smith penis?

Why dou want know this? How would anybody know this!?!?!?!

Can you make your penis big?

No. There is no effective penis enlargement method.

What is the French translation for big penis?

A big penis is "un grand pénis" in French.

How big is human heart?

As big as a mans penis

How big is circumcised penis?

That all depends on how big it is.

Is a 10 inch penis big?

Yes, that's very big. The average size of an erect penis is 6 inches.

Does it hurts if the penis is too big?

It's possible that one would feel a stretching sensation if their penis was "too" big.

What is fifonafe?

The saying is that men with big feet have a big penis. But, studies have shown that penis size is not linked to feet size.

How big should your penis be if your 5'11?

Your height has absolutly nothing to do with your penis size.

If your twleve how big does your penis has to be?

im 12 and my penis is 3 inches when erect

How big is the maximum penis size?

The biggest penis could be nine inches.

What foods make the penis to grow big?

There is no food that will give you a bigger penis.

How big do a guys penis get?

The average size for an erect penis is 6 inches

Is it important to have a big penis?

No, as they say "it's not how big it is that matters but what you do with it."

How big is a hippo's penis?

About as big as a giraffes neck scrodum

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