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A rabbit can get up to as big as a puppy DOG

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A rabbit with small ears has small ears and a rabbit with big ears has big ears.

It can depend on the size of the rabbit. If you have a small rabbit they usually have from 2-5. If its a medium or big rabbit it usually has 5-8. 2 actually

About as big as a regular rabbit. Small, but not too small. Fairly large back legs.

It depends on what type of wild rabbit mated with it. the worst case is that your doe will die because the babys will be to big for her.

Not a domestuc rabbit. Wild rabbits are larger ans more "dangerous" but still probably couldn't hurt a small child. Besides that a wild rabbit wouldn't let a child get close to it.

Because its not to big or small

Depends on how small they are. If they're small enough to still need to suckle they will most likely die. If they've gotten big enough to eat grass they can make it.

one of the predators of a wild rabbit is a fox

yes that's has happen with me

The phrase "pygmy rabbit" could either mean a small domestic rabbit (usually called "dwarf," not "pygmy"), or a species of wild North American rabbit (the Brachylagus idahoensis). Although they're different animals, they share similar characteristics, such as a small body and small ears.

A wild baby rabbit is called a kit.

Never let a wild rabbit and domestic rabbit breed, although if they got the chance then they would... I have had a rabbit die from meeting a wild rabbit... from me, rabbit breeder...

No because a rabbit is big and a chickens are small

it would be very hard but not impossible. it depends on the amount of time the rabbit was out of the wild A baby wild rabbit taken into your home would not survive if re-released, but a wounded wild rabbit re-habilitated MAYT be all right.

depending on how small or big the rabbit is,if it is a baby rabbit then it will only eat a small amout of grass,veggies and fruit but if you are keeping a wild rabbit then make sure you give it pleanty of food and warter as this is not against the law to keep one but may shock the rabbit itself as it is wild and is not used to humans handling it.But if you have one and it is ill as your cat or dog has caught it then put a hot warter bottle underneath a box with some hay,grass and warter fr it to relax DO NOT put a lid over the box as he/she will suffocate,stroke the rabbit for a while and keep an eye on it until a rescue centre is coming to pick it up.When they come for the rabbit you can ask them for their number and you can call in a few days to see if he/she is ok. Thanks

No. As fun as it may seem, putting a wild rabbit with a pet rabbit is a poor idea. Either the wild rabbit or the pet rabbit will very likely act aggressively toward the other and attack it, and even possibly kill it. Furthermore wild rabbits have the possibility of bring all sorts of diseases that your pet rabbit might not be able to handle.

it takes up to 28-30 if its a big rabbit if its a small rabbit it takes 30-35

rabbits are kept in a a large cage if it is a big rabbit if it is a small rabbit still get a large one because it will grow bigger

If the rabbit is weened, then anything from the flower beds, the rabbit will choose to eat what it knows is safe.

Unless you raised a wild rabbit, then your rabbit is not a jackrabbit. Jackrabbits are not domesticated: they're wild hares. All domestic rabbits are of the European Rabbit species.

No you cannot breed an American wild rabbit with a domestic rabbit.American wild rabbit Genus: Sylvilagus (species name varies)Domestic rabbit Genus and species: Oryctolagus cuniculus \EUROPEAN wild rabbit Genus and species: Oryctolagus cuniculus / Notice anything?As you can see above the American wild rabbit is not of the same genus so it is impossible for them to breed.

The rabbit, wild or domesticated, belongs in the Animaliaor Animal Kingdom.The rabbit, wild or domesticated, belongs to the Animalia or Animal Kingdom.

Buy or buid a rabbit trap

It mostly depends on how small or big the rabbit is. My cat never did.

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