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A rabbit with small ears has small ears and a rabbit with big ears has big ears.

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Q: What is the difference with a rabbit with small ears and a rabbit with big ears?
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How do you say rabbit with big ears in spanish?

"Rabbit with big ears" in Spanish is: conejo con las orejas grandes

Jack rabbit ears?

The have big ears to collect energy

Does a rabbit or hare have shorter ears?

Compared to most other animals, rabbits have big ears.

What animal has big ears and starts with r?


Are blue whales ears big or small?

no the ears are small

What Has big ears and likes hop?

a kangaroo

What is the difference between an Indian Elephant to African elephant?

An Indian Elephant has small ears which are floppy.An African Elephant has big wide ears which are straight.

How big or small can a wild rabbit get?

A rabbit can get up to as big as a puppy DOG

Can you state for me two differences among elephant zebra and rabbit?

a zebra is black and white a elephant has big ears a mouse mouse is small and your an idiot

Do mice have big ears?

They are big but not as large as portrayed in movies and media.

Are cranes ears small or big?

very small

what has four legs and 2 big ears and hops?

Bunny, rabbit, hare, etc.