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How big was the Nazi army?

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About 12.5 million served throughout the entire war, however, only about 1 million at any given time were deployed. By wars end about 3.5 million were casualties.

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How and were the nazi able to come to power?

adof Hitler led them and they had a big and strong army

What was the name of Hilter's army?

The Nazi Army

When did Hitler make the Nazi army?

Adolf Hitler didn't start the Nazi army, Anton Drexler founded it in 1920. However, Hitler was in control of the Nazi army for the next 24 years.

Did you have in be in Hitler's army to be a Nazi?


How many people were in the Nazi Army on D-Day?

There was 11,000 people inthe nazi army on D-Day.

What happened in the invasion Nazi army in Germany?

Well, your question cannot be answered correctly. Because.. the Nazi army (Hitlars army) were located in Germany. So, they did not get invaded.

What did the NAZI army fight when world war 2?

the U.S army

When was Big Nazi on Campus created?

Big Nazi on Campus was created on 1987-09-24.

Was the Nazis Wehrmacht or Red Army?

Nazi were wehrmacht, Russians were red army

What was the name of adolfs hitlers army?

The National Socialist German Workers army or Nazi army for short.

What color is a Nazi hat?

the colors of a Nazi hat differ by rank they were given to any official of the Nazi army or the Hitler Youth.

What does Herr stand for in the Nazi party?

It's not a Nazi term!Herr - MisterHeer - army

What led aldof Hitler to expand the power of the nazi army and to create fear world wide?

what led adolf hitler to expanding the power of the nazi army

How big is the Nazi Party?

the nazi party was over 200,000 people there was no such thing as the nazi party (smirk)

How were you considered a Nazi?

If you were a member of the Nazi party or fought in the Nazi German army at the time. Actually the Nazis were just a powerful party at the time.

What was the role of the nazi ss?

bodyguard and private army.

Was the Nazi army a good army?

The Nazis never had an entire army of their own, but they had the German Army under their direction, and it was a very good army which was very difficult to beat. There is a tendency to confuse German and Nazi in World War 2, but not all Germans were Nazis, just as not all Americans are Democrats. In WW2 it was not even required that a German general be a member of the Nazi Party, and actually most of them were not.

What is the origin of the nazi?

The Nazi (NOT-see) Party was originated by Adolph Hitler, an ex army corporal and unsuccessful artist.

Who was the Chief of the private army of the nazi party?

Heinrich Himmler

What was the Nazi parties private army called?

Schutzstaffel (SS)

Why did Adolf Hitler allow Jews into The Nazi Army?

Simply he didn't. To get into the Nazi military (the SS) people had to prove their pedigree.

The chief of the SS the private army of the Nazi party?

Heinrich Himmler

Who was the chief of the SS the private army of the Nazi party?

Heinrich himmler

Why was the Nazi army so vicious?

the had a smart and powerful leader and the will to fight

What was the first culture of the Nile Valley?

Mr Joyce's nazi army