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Q: How big were saber-toothed tiger teeth?
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What is a woolly mammoths predator?

Sabertoothed tiger

What special feature does a tiger have?

big teeth

Does a tiger have big teeth?

yes. i think they vary in size but they defiantly have some big teeth.

What big cat has the biggest teeth?

Siberian tiger

What are the external features of a tiger?

striped, large, big teeth

What are extra big on a saber-toothed tiger?

canine teeth is the answer

What is the protection of the white tiger?

White tigers are big cats with big teeth and claws.

What is an adult saber-toothed tiger called?

The real scientific name for sabertoothed tigers of all ages was smilodon.

What is the tiger defense?

big claws, sharp teeth, run fast

How big are Bengal tiger teeth?

A females canine teeth can be 4 inches. A males canine teeth can be 5 inches

Why human afraid of tiger?

Because tiger has very big teeth and is also known to eat human.

What is the difference between tiger teeth and elephant teeth?

tiger teeth are sharp and elephant teeth are soft

How many teeth does a baby tiger have?

A baby tiger has 20 teeth

How many pages does The Teeth of the Tiger have?

The Teeth of the Tiger has 480 pages.

Why does a saber-toothed tiger have big front teeth?

Those two front teeth are used for killing its prey and riping it apart.

How big can the female tiger's teeth get?

I believe a female tigers teeth and a male tigers teeth grow to be about the same size which is probably about an inch or 2 long

How long are tiger sharks teeth?

tiger sharks teeth are about 3inches long

When was The Teeth of the Tiger created?

The Teeth of the Tiger was created on 2003-08-01.

What did saber-toothed tigers look like?

a tiger with big teeth ;like a elephants tusks

What is being done to save a saber-toothed tiger?

There have been several distinct species sabertoothed cats through prehistory, all of which are now extinct.

How big are the teeth on a Bengal tiger?

A really big male can have canines as long as three and a half to nearly four inches long.

How many bones and teeth does a tiger have?

An adult tiger have 30 teeth, while an adult human is having 32 teeth But anyway tiger's teeth are much larger and stronger than ours.

How tiger protects their selves?

Big teeth and claws are used for protection. They are an apex predator in Southeast Asia.

When did sabertoothed tigers exist?

It does not exist. It is called sabertooth cat

How long are tiger teeth?

it depends on the size of the tiger. =]