Saber Toothed Tigers

Saber toothed tiger is the common name of a number of extinct prehistoric felids often misconceived as tigers. Characterized by grossly oversized canine teeth, these fierce predators were a powerful force to reckoned with, and have come to captain prehistoric predators in the common mind.

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Saber Toothed Tigers

Where do the saber-toothed tigers live?

At best, saber-tooth cats live on only in the imaginations of those who find them fascinating. You might have expected them to fill much the same ecological niche as present day cougar(Puma concolor) of North and South America and live in the same broad range of habitats: forests, savannas, lowland and mountainous deserts.. Keep in mind that this is only a comparison; although cougars and saber-toothed cats both belong to the family Felidae, modern cats are from the sub-family Felinaewhile the saber toothed cats were from the extinct sub-family Machairodontinae. Saber toothed cats have no modern descendants.

The saber toothed cats were a subfamily of cats that scientists refer to as the Machairodontinae. The Machairodontinae flourished for nearly 30 million years on all continents except Australia and Antarctica. The last saber toothed cats were Smilodon, a genus from North and South America that died out about 10,000 years ago.

Saber Toothed Tigers

What caused saber-toothed tigers to become extinct?

Saber toothed cats became extinct at the end of the Pleistocene, 10,000 years ago. They probably died out because important food sources, such as mammoths and mastodons, became extinct. It is still unknown why those megafaunal herbivores died out.

Incorrect the term is ice age global warming. All creatures that lived those thousand of years ago were attacked from ice and killed off. Now that is happening yet again we as humans just never learn and yes there were people in those days to but it had not been their fault, now it is our fault. Just think of all the catastrophes that are happening around the globe, snow where there should not be, to much rain, to drought, rain forests being destroyed and creatures that have never been discovered along with this incredible gift. Wild animal encroaching into land where people live why, their habitat is becoming depleted I could go on and on with this topic

Saber Toothed Tigers

Were saber-toothed tigers intellegent?

That is a very good question. Unfortunately, it is hard for paleontologists to tell very much about an extinct animal's behavior, much less intelligence. What they usually base an extinct animal's intelligence off of is brain to body mass ratio. However, sometimes an animal that appears less intelligent because of this turns out to be rather intelligent (mice, for example, appear smarter than elephants in this system, but elephants are very intelligent).

Besides this, there were many species of saber tooth cats, and each one probably had its own level of intelligence. However, overall, cats are generally considered to be relatively smart animals. Therefor, saber toothed cats were most likely not an exception.

Saber Toothed Tigers

Why did saber-toothed cats go extinct?


There used to be a staggering variety of saber-toothed cat species from all over the globe, the most well-known (and largest) of which was the Smilodon of North and South America. These were also the last surviving saber toothed cats, and they died out about 10,000 years ago. They probably died out because many of the large prey animals that they depended on, such as mammoths and ground sloths, became extinct. The reasons that their prey died out are still under debate, and possible theories include climate change, disease spread by humans, or overhunting by humans.


Sabre-toothed tigers are believed by mainstream scientists to have become extinct mainly because their climate was ever changing. They lived in the Ice Age, and they supposedly disappeared shortly after because of the sudden temperature increase. Man also lived in the same habitat as the tiger's and he hunted the Sabre-Toothed tigers prey, meaning that they had limited supplies of food. This meant that the food chain of the Sabre-toothed tiger was damaged, and meant that very few of them could survive. Yet, this theory does not stand up to scientific scrutiny and it's not very likely either that this is what happened.

The most debated and most ridiculous answer is that the long teeth that the tiger's had were almost too long, meaning that they couldn't bite their prey's neck, without fear of breaking their canines. Instead, they had to gouge the bellies of the animals which was a lot more dangerous and risky, so these dangers stopped them from hunting, so they didn't survive. The most probable answer then is that Saber-toothed cats survived til modern day and might still be alive in Europe, Africa, and North- and South America. And this is investigated by cryptozoologists who have collected a series of eyewitness reports. However, there is also still a Saber-tooth relative alive today: the Clouded Leopard. Scientists are not sure, at this time, why the saber toothed tigers died out roughly 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. The prevailing belief is that climate change and the loss of the bigger prey animals at the end of the ice age rang the death knell of the saber toothed tigers.
Saber toothed cats have been extinct for about 10,000 years. Nobody is sure why they died out, but they probably died out because most of the large animals that they hunted and relied on died out. Why these animals became extinct is still in debate.
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Saber Toothed Tigers

What was the saber-toothed tiger's life cycle?

Born, grow, hunt for pack, mate and die.

Saber Toothed Tigers

When did the saber-toothed tiger go instinct?

Saber toothed cats became extinct at the end of the Pleistocene, 10,000 years ago. They probably died out because important food sources, such as mammoths and mastodons, became extinct. It is still unknown why those megafaunal herbivores died out.

Saber Toothed Tigers

How did the saber toothed tiger become extinct?

The extinction of the saber tooth tiger poses many questions and theories. The answer to why it became extinct could be due to changes in the environment or human interaction. Around the same time that this species died out, so did 15 others, which can't be a coincidence.

The last glacial period seems to have been different from others due to the drastic increase in temperature and the transformation of grasslands into forests. This affected the saber tooth tigers since that resulted in a change in ecosystems, for example, the Bison lived in grasslands. With its habitat dwindling, its numbers decreased and so the main source of food of the saber tooth tigers went away.

Some say that perhaps humans played a role in the extinction. At about the same time they became extinct, humans were beginning to hunt better thus maybe they were killing the tigers for sport or protection (but not food).

Saber Toothed Tigers

What is the difference between a saber-toothed tiger and a Bengal tiger?

Saber tooth tigers have been extinct for 10, 000 years. Characteristics in the saber tooth tiger are also much different than the Bengal tiger's characteristics.

For example:

Saber tooth tigers don't have stripes whether the Bengal tiger does.

Although they have different characteristics, they are believed to be strongly related.

There were several species of saber toothed cats, of which the last evolved species was Smilodon. There were at least three subspecies of this cat, ranging from 350-700 pounds, and although as big or bigger than today's tigers and lions, Smilodon was not closely related to them. Today's big cats are in the family Panthera, while Smilodon was in the extinct Machairidae group. While no evidence exists of their coat color pattern, there is some evidence they may have lived in small groups.

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Saber Toothed Tigers

Where did saber tooth tigers live?

They lived in North & South America, Europe, Africa, Eurasia, Java, Asia

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There are seven species that could be termed a Sabre-toothed Tiger.

Two are Marsupials: one lived in South America, the other in Australia

the others lived in North America, Asia, South East Asia and Africa.


The Saber Toothed Cats lived in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America for 22.989 million years and became extinct about 10,000 years ago.

Saber toothed cats were a subfamily of cats. There were many species, each of which had its own range. Fossils of saber toothed cats have been found on every continent except Australia and Antarctica.
Saber Toothed Tigers

What do saber-toothed tigers eat?

Saber tooth tigers eat plants for a clean out and meat for food. they would also eat other animals plants and meat not sure what kind of plants but plants and they would kill other animals for meat. does this answer your question?

Saber toothed cats would eat almost anything that they could bring down, which essentially meant anything in their environment, assuming they hunted in packs like modern lions do
Tigers hate cinnamon.

Saber Toothed Tigers

Was a saber-toothed tiger nocturnal?


Saber Toothed Tigers

Do the saber-toothed tiger live in the jungle?


Saber Toothed Tigers

Do saber tooth tigers have rabies?

Because any kind of warm blooded animal can get rabies, saber toothed cats probably got rabies on occasion, just like modern warm blooded animals. However, rabies is fatal in a short amount of time, and therefor it is very rare in any type of animal.

Saber Toothed Tigers

What did the saber-toothed tiger do during the night?

Well, my best guess it probably hunted sleeping animals to avoid needing to fight or chase it's prey, like modren day lions or tigers. This probably made life easier for the saber tooth cat.

Yeah, they most likely hunted to keep it easy for them. They could just catch the sleeping animal and then enjoy dinner. They might have slept, too, if they aren't nocturnal. Hope that helps!

Saber Toothed Tigers

Where do you mostly find saber-toothed tiger fossils?

You can find saber tooth tiger fossils deep in sedimentary rock near grassy plains

Saber Toothed Tigers

What was the saber-toothed tiger life cycle?

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Saber Toothed Tigers

What is the correct name for a saber-toothed tiger?

There are many species of saber tooth cats such as Smilodon, Megapotherous and Barberfelis.

Saber Toothed Tigers

What fossil proof was there animal existed for saber-toothed tiger?

not much

Saber Toothed Tigers

How long did a saber-toothed tigers tail got?

it got pretty long sometimes. It varied, depending where they lived.

Saber Toothed Tigers

What are the saber-toothed tiger predators?


Saber Toothed Tigers

How much did saber tooth tigers weigh?

A saber tooth tiger of average height of 3ft at the shoulder would be 6'6"ft long and weigh 750lbs.

There were many kinds, but the most popular was the Smilodon which was anywhere from 790 to about 1,000 lbs.

Saber Toothed Tigers

Where did the saber-toothed tiger exist?

The saber tooth tiger, or more commonly known as the rabbit, originally started out from the planet Mars. In the early creatacious period they came to search our planet and their ship crash landed and they forgot all sense of technology. Then later in the 1920's on Mars something went chemically wrong in their beat labaratory and the planet was cleared of all life forms as we know it. So the answer to your original question is Mars. And yes, they still exist to this day!!

Saber Toothed Tigers

What did saber-toothed tiger eat?

Smilodon (if that's the one) are carnivorous, meaning they eat meat. They are fast, deadly hunters with serrated fangs good for killing with.

The Smilodon had a wide range of mammal diet such as Deer, Mammoth, Macharachinia and Carcass.
they origanally ate poo but sometimes ate their baby cubs.
it ate smaller animals

Saber Toothed Tigers

Where have people found saber-toothed Tiger fossils?

The bones and fossils of saber-toothed cats have been found on all of the continents except Australia and Antarctica. Note that saber toothed cats existed for more than 20 million years, and there were many, many different species, each one living in a different place or time than the others.

One of the most famous fossil sites containing saber toothed cat fossils is the La Brea Tar Pits in southern California. Besides saber toothed cats, a large variety of other Ice Age animals have been preserved there.

Saber Toothed Tigers

When was the saber-toothed cat alive and for how long?

The term saber-toothed cat describes numerous cat-like species that lived during various parts of the Cenozoic and evolved their saber-toothed characteristics entirely independently. The saber-tooth morphology is an excellent example of convergent evolution as it occurred repeatedly and independently in at least four distinct mammalian groups. All saber-tooth mammals lived between 9,000 and 33.7 million years ago, but the evolutionary lines that lead to the various saber-tooth genera started to diverge much earlier. The lineage that led to Thylacosmilus was the first to split off, in the late Cretaceous. It is a marsupial, and thus more closely related to kangaroos and opossums than the felines. The creodonts diverged next, and then the nimravids, before the blossoming of the truly feline saber-tooths.
Different species of saber toothed cats existed between 23 million and 10,000 years ago.


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