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That is NOT a good idea. Trapping her means you are CONTROLLING her. That is not a good basis for a healthy relationship.

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Q: How can I get my girl back after a three year relationship who now only wants to be friends?
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When a woman after a long relationship says friends or nothing what is she really telling you?

Answer: She is telling you that she just wants to be friends... sorry Answer She is politely telling you to back away.

How can you tell if your ex-girlfriend wants you back?

If she contacts you either by phone or through email and you usually can tell by the way one is talking if they want to get back together. If she turns up at the same places you are at or is asking her friends or your friends about you. Don't make it easy on her. If she wants to come back into the relationship then wait it out and force her to face up to it and tell you she wants to start up into another relationship with you. Marcy

How can your ex-boyfriend tell his girlfriend he just wants to be friends with her Your ex-boyfriend says he wants you back even though his other relationship is good some problems though?

just get him 2 tel her the truth or just say 2 her that he just wants 2 b friends cuz he duznt have feelings for her anymore or that the relationship between thenm was better wen they were friends... gud luck

If a Virgo girl break up with Taurus boy and then wants him back but he only wants to be friends now will they soon get back together?

No offense here, but all the 'Virgo girl' and' Taurus boy' has to go. I personally think that THAT kind of stuff doesn't matter. And about the question, I think it depends on how you felt before the relationship ended. But, chica, if the guy says he wants to 'just be friends', get this through your head, HE JUST WANTS TO BE FRIENDS!

Will your ex be back after you cut him off when he doesn't go for a relationship but suggests you can either be friends or have no contact at all and it has been three days?

If he wants to use you again. Why waste your time waiting on a person like that. Its time to move on and not wait.

What does it mean when you boyfriend says he was a break but still wants to hang out and still likes you?

Well, if he wants a break but still wants to hang out, then maybe he wants to be friends. I know usually when someone says "lets just be friends" they don't mean it and you will never talk again, but maybe being in a relationship right now is to much for him. Just stay good friends and eventually he will come back to you. Good luck!

How do you get your ex back if you broke the relationship?

by asking him/her if he/she still wants you back or change a little bit and see if he/she wants to get back together with you or ask him/her if you want to get back together

What does it mean when your girlfriend says she wants to take a step back?

Sorry sweetie. She just wants to be friends with you.

How do you get an ex-girlfriend back when you broke up the relationship?

just talk to her about it and hopes she wants to get back together

What does it mean when a girl gets back intouch with you?

Either shes ready to be friends and has finally gotten over the relationship or it could be the exact opposite. she might want another 2nd chance OR she maybe just wants to clarify what happend in the relationship.

What if your roommates and friends are ruining your relationship?

you ask them nicely to back off

What if your friend wants to go with your girlfriend?

Be flattered as she is with you however, be weary and keep an eye on him that he isn't trying to do anything behind your back to break you up. If you find he is trying to sabotage your relationship - friends don't do that to friends and that would indicate he is not much of one.

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