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How can I kiss a girl?


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April 08, 2010 5:28PM

make sure your in some place casual, like the movies the mall, a football game, ect. Then start a conversation, if she likes you she'll lean her shoulders toward you, If she only likes you as a friend, her shoulders will be straight. Next make sure she leans too, if only you lean that mean she doesnt want to kiss you. If she does lean slowly kiss her. After for say 2 seconds or so pull away. This is a really kind gesture because its almost like asking her, "Are you okay?" or "Is it okay to carry on?" If she stays silent she wants to carry on kissing. If she stays silent for a 4 seconds tops, she wants to continue talking.

If the girl is someone that you know you have to wait for the right moment like at Christmas time or when it's her birthday or when she has something to celebrate. Just make sure that the hug takes a little longer than usual so that she notices it and it gets her thinking.