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Wii fit is a great way to lose weight all together. The game contains different kinds of exercises to help tone, build muscle and also contains strength training exercises and improves your posture. No doubt its a pricey -sort of- but keep with it and it WILL work!

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Q: How can I lose weight on my arms?
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How do you lose weight in you upper arms?

There is no way to lose weight in a specific area of the body. You can build muscle and tone your upper arms with weight training exercises.

How do you lose weight playing volleyball?

pumping your arms

Why is it hard to lose weight from your arms?

If you find it hard to lose weight in your arms, you may not be doing the right exercises. Also be sure to get enough protein and water in your daily diet.

Do cartswheels help you lose waight?

It wont help lose weight but i could strengthen your arms =D

How do you loss fat from your arms?

Muscle substitutes fat, lifting weights should help you lose weight from your arms

Is weight lifting a pulse raiser?

No, it builds up the muscle in your arms, but does not allow you to actually lose weight!

Should you use less weight or more weight with dumbbell to lose arm fat?

you arms will get fatter if you use a dumbell.

Where does your body lose fat from last?

Body shapes are genetic, so you will notice people lose fat differently, a good way to estimate where you would lose weight is to look at your family and where they lose weight from. Generally speaking though, your body will burn fat where it is not needed first - such as breasts. I would expect around the waist would be a slowish place to lose weight as fat helps keep your organs warm. On a personal note I seem to lose weight almost everywhere faster than on my arms - i have chubby arms!

How can you lose belly and arm fat?

While you can not spot reduce your weight loss, you can tone up your arms by strength training- lifting weights and such. Do regular cardio, eat healthy, and you can lose weight everywhere.

Do people who swim lose weight?

Yes by burning all the fat off and working out your arms, legs and stability.

Is it true that if you starve yourself you will not lose weight?

It is true that if you starve yourself you will lose weight. however, you will lose weight off your most attractive body parts, such as your boobs and bum. Fat will stay around your mid section unless you do cardio, and your legs and arms won't change at all.

How do you lose weight around the thighs?

Cut sugar from (or substantially reduce it) your diet, and you will lose weight from all sorts of places. My wife and I have both reduced our sugar consumption (as recommended by my doctor) and apart from losing weight from our tummies, my wrists and arms have become smaller, and my wife has noted her thighs and arms have also gotten smaller. Do some research on diet and sugar, and give it a try. You will be amazed just where you will lose weight from. Good luck.

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