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You cannot I monitor another cell phone without targetting that cell phone to monitor the phone.

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Depending on what mobile phone company you have, yes you can monitor your child's cell phone activity without them knowing. Alot of phone companies have detailed data usage of a specific phone that you can view on their website. Also, I think there is tracking devices that you can get to monitor phone activity.

Legally - not without a court order. Illegally - if you have an analogue cordless phone, anyone with a radio scanner can hear BOTH sides of the conversation if they know which frequency to monitor.

Yes, absolutely your employer can monitor non-personal phone calls. You automatically give consent by working for the employer because you're doing the work the employer hired you to do.

You cannot view another person's photos that are located on their phone without their permission.

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A cordless phone without a phone jack is called a satellite because you have to have another phone with a jack to transmit it.They always come in pairs.

Cell phone spy is an app that one could use to monitor calls, texts, as well as emails on a cell phone. One would use this if they wanted to monitor or track cell phone usage on a different device than their own. This software or app is installed without the persons knowledge, then using a different computer or cell phone one would be able to track usage.

Yes!... If your on a gps ankle monitor work via through your cell phone company, you must keep your phone on. Period. Unless you want to violated by your po

There is a special room/baby monitor setting included with the Uniden expandable cordless telephone system that allows you to hear audio from another location, so you can position one of the handsets in the baby's room and monitor the sounds remotely.

you ask them to forward it to you. or you secretly grab their phone then forward it to yours, then erase when the message in the sent box.

Obviously YES. It's technically stealing. Yes, it is illegal to use another person's cell phone without permission since that is a form of theft; in principal it is illegal even to use another person's coffee cup or pencil without permission, although such offenses are very petty and it is doubtful that the police would be willing to investigate them. If the unauthorized cell phone use resulted in a large expense for the cell phone owner, that is a more significant crime.

Provided the handset is not locked to a network then yes.

Cell phone tracking is often used by parents to monitor their teens' location as well as what they are accessing on a smartphone. It is also used by many employers to monitor employees' cell phone use. Because it helps locate the phone, it can also be very useful if the phone has been lost or stolen.

If your phone is a GSM phone, then it would not take messages without a SIM card on the phone. It would not even work without it.

You can download an antivirus to monitor your phone. This will let you know if your phone has been hacked.

Yo used to have to have an in home house phone. That was backbin the 7Os

a person can, whether they should or if its legal is another matter.

its a software that allows you to monitor cell phone activity

A phone with HTML abilities can visit websites where a phone without HTML abilities cannot.

Yes, you go over to your husband's house and you demand to get your phone back! And if he doesn't give it to you, don't leave without it! And worst comes to worst just get another phone :)

There is no safe way to charge a phone without a charger made specifically for that phone/battery

You have to get a speical lead. That fits into your mobile phone, which on the end has a USB lead that fits in you conputer monitor.

Another name for pound(on a phone) is an octothorpe.

you can make a call to another phone and transfer a voice message by talking, or you can type in a text message to another phone.

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