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Try using a towel, or a wash cloth to hold him at first. As he gets used to being picked up you might not need it any more.

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Can you get an infection from a dwarf hamster bite?

A bite from a dwarf hamster isn't any worse than getting a paper cut. You should use a disinfectant just in case. You probably won't get a infection, but it is possible.

Does a dwarf hamster bite hurt?

I have been bitten by many hamsters, and if you do get bitten by a dwarf hamster, it will feel like a pinch. However, if you get bitten by a syrian hamster you might bleed a bit.

What if you get bit by a Chinese dwarf hamster?

Wash the bite with soap and warm water. I was bitten many times by my dwarf hamster until she was tamed and never had a problem.

Should you get a dwarf Russian hamster or a roborovski?

You should get a dwarf russian hamster. I have one and I love it. My hamster is so friendly. It doesnt bite but when it is scared it might nibble on your finger. My hamster is so so calm and it is family friendly.

Are Russian dwarf hamsters meaner than others?

Russian Dwarf Hamster is not mean at all. It can bite though at first. When you first get it do not pick it up because it is not use to the environment yet wait til it gets to its cage then start patting it and holding it. After that, it will be really tame and hardly bite. The worst it does is nibble. The ones that are nice are the Fancy Dwarf Hamster and the Russian Dwarf Hamster.

Will a dwarf hamster bite if you put food in your hand?

depends if the hamster is tame and used to being around people and their scent.

How can you tell if your hamster is going to bite you cause sometimes my hamster nibbles on me but I'm not sure if it's going to bite should I pull out my hand I have a robo dwarf hamster?

You can tell if its slepping right well if its slepping itll bite you bother it in its sleep

What should you do if you get a bite by a dwarf hamster?

Fist things fist. Wash the bite with soap and water. The next time you try to pick up your dwarf hamster wear a thick glove with your sent. Do this everyday for 5 minutes and eventually he will get used to you.

What hamsters are the best to get?

If your looking for a cute and kid friendly hamster the Chinese dwarf hamster is the best its easy to handle and it doesn't bite.

Will it hurt if a hamster bites you?

It feels a bit worse than a pin-prick. It isn't all that bad, but you still do not want to get bitten by one. An average hamster bite doesn't hurt, but a Dwarf Hamster's bite hurts the worst of any hamster bite.

What is the best type of hamster?

From my point of view, I would say the Teddy Bear hamster, because they are very very friendly. Dwarf hamster are also very cute and small, but they bite a lot and are hard to catch, so dwarf hamster are better for more experienced hamster owners.

Everytime you try and pick up your hamster he tries to bite you?

Obviously, your hamster is still scared of you. Try petting it, fedding it, anything that will make a hamster get to know you better.

Do dwarf hamsters bite a lot?

i had two dwarf hamsters and i noticed they bite ifif you stick your hand in there cageif you just meet your hamster leave it alone for a couple of minuets because it might be scared of you.

What kind of dwarf hamster is better for a first time hamster owner a Russian or a roborovski?

Russian. They are alot easier to care for and dont seem to bite much

What is hamster behavior?

Well it depends... i have noticed that regular sized hamsters are meaner then the dwarf hamsters.... but any hamster will bite if it has babies... but i have two Campbell Russian dwarf hamsters and they are very cute! mine has never bit me!

Do Russian dwarf hamsters bite?

All the animals that I can think of bite--except for goldfish. Russian Dwarf hammies DO bite, but it's in their natural instinct. You can tame this out of them, though. It will take a lot of time and patience. I am saying this as an experienced dwarf owner. Play with the hammiw everyday, DO NOT wake it up while its sleeping, and feed it food and treats by hand.yes, Russian dwarf do bite, i had the same question and had my hamster answer it. Dwarf Hamsters are more 'Nippy' and more territorial of their cages than Syrian, if you scare you hamster or take it away from its food bowl it may bite if you want to try this it might help: put a towel on your hands then place the hamster on you hands with the towel on it, make it trust you again by , talking nicely to it and it should start to trust you after a while....... hope this works for everybody!!!! no fancy Russian dwarf hamsters do not bite but most other breeds of hamsters do

What information can you tell me about a Albino dwarf Russian Hamster PLEASE?

they like 2 bite♥♥♥

What is nicest hamster breed?

Syrian hamsters are easily tamed and less inclined to bite than dwarf varieties.

Is a Russian dwarf hamster nice?

Yes, I have 2 of them. The only thing is, they're kind of lazy, and they bite. (a lot)

How do you tame a dwarf hamster?

Talk to it every day so it can get used to you. Roborovski dwarf hamsters are much harder to tame and would usually bite or scratch you when you hold it.

Teddybear or dwarf hamster?

Well, if you want to know which one makes a better pet, definitely a dwarf. Teddybear hammies can get stuck in tubes easily and when they bite it hurts ALOT! More than a dwarfs bite. If you wanna know which of the dwarfs are best, Russian or roborovski. Preferably Russian if you are a first time hamster owner.

How do you tame a Roborovski Dwarf Hamster without it biting or scratching you?

There is no real way of taming a hamster, however when you hold it I would advise you to wear gardening gloves. This means that if the hamster decides to bite or scratch you then you won't feel it.

Do Dwarf Hamsters Stink?

Not very much. I have a Robo Hamster. They also don't really bite much, and if they do they rarely draw blood.

Do dwarf hamsters bite more than regular hamsters?

People think that they bite but it's only because they're afraid. There is also no such thing as a "normal" hamster. So, not really. ^_^

Which breeds of hamster don't bite?

All hamster breeds bite. It depends on the individual hamster on whether or not it bites.

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