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Though this may run against you, it still depends on the overall evidence in the case.

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Q: How can I win a custody case South Carolina being gay?
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Who won edwards v South Carolina case?

In the Edwards VS South Carolina case South Carolina won. This was a case that held that the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

Can a South Carolina judge order a drug test in custody case?

If there is evidence to necessitate it, but if it is simply based on an allegation by one parent, both should be tested.

Who were the parties in the case of South Dakota vs dole?

South Carolina and Dole.

What are the provisions of the Carolina constitution?

The adjutant general, head of South Carolina National Guard, is an elected official. South Carolina is the only state where this is the case.

A case with the caption state of South Carolina v Jones is mostly like what case?

A criminal case

If you move from South Carolina to New Jersey do you get the New Jersey unemployment amount or the South Carolina amount?

The "liable state", South Carolina in this case, is who pays your benefits because that was where you worked and your employer paid the unemployment taxes.

Who won the lucas vs South Carolina coastal council case?


Can a person collect unemployment in Utah if they were laid off of work in South Carolina?

You would collect unemployment (if qualified) from the "liable state," South Carolina in your case. You might contact the Utah office for assistance in obtaining it from South Carolina.

How do you escape probation custody?

Probation and custody - are two completely opposite situations ! Probation - is a period of supervised freedom while a case is being prepared for court. Custody - is a period of imprisonment - either before a court case (remand) or after trial (sentence).

Will filing a UCC 1 as a secured party guarantee a win in a child custody battle?

Being a secured creditor will have absolutely no impact on a child custody case.

What happens to a temporary custody order if you never go back to court for the original custody case in Kentucky?

if you are not there for the original custody case you can lose custody. The temporary is just until the court decides who gets custody.

Can criminal domestic violence be dropped in South Carolina?

Yes, but it may depend on the status of the case.

Can joint custody be awarded to grandparent when bio dad is incacerated?

It can be but there would have to be a pretty strong case for it being more benficial for the child than the mother having sole custody.

What happens if your daughters mother doesn't bring your daughter to your child custody case?

Normally a child is not brought to court when a custody case is being heard. The judge speaks to the child separately, and usually on another day.. see my profile

Does Garth brooks have custody of his children?

Did garth get custody of his children in his divorce case

How do you file a custody case?

see link

Can a minor decide who to live in a custody case?


If my exboyfriend keeps making false alligations against me in my custody case with him can the case be possibly thrown out?

Yes, only mothers are allowed to make false allegations in a custody case.

How do you reverse child custody in parental alienation case?

You petition the court to modify the custody order.

What was the South's reaction to the Dred Scott Case?

the south didnt like him to wanting him to being a free man

What is a pdl in a custody case?

This is a legal motion called a Pendente Lite (PDL for short). The motion could be about a number of issues, including Child Support or Custody Visitation until the Custody Case is completed.

How long will you be able to live in your home after a motion of stay is granted or you surrender the home?

In my case you have 30 days on South Carolina

Can mother with sole custody give child custody to grandmother in case of death?

As long as the Grandmother is willing and able to take custody of the child.

How do you respond to a motion to compel in a custody case?

Get an attorney.

What is a petition for child custody?

It is a court form to go before a court in a case to settle who will get custody of a child.